A Spot In My Heart

I love the feel of your skin

I’ve opened my heart to let you in

I know it sounds a little too late

But, for now I feel I can wait

My love for you will never disappear

Even if you are away from here

I’ve once had my feelings destroyed

It took a long time to fill that void

We have an uphill battle we can’t erase

This is a battle we both must face

Our deepest feelings we must express

I really believe it is for the best

In my heart there is a spot

I give it to you, it’s all I’ve got

So, take care of that lonely spot in my heart

And may nothing ever tear us apart

-Charles Godsey (Yesdog68)

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jenubouka 5 years ago

Such a heart felt love poem of the hardship unconditional love wears on a heart.

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