A Stolen Life Book Review

A Book Review: A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard

A Stolen Life

First of all, I am not sure what compelled me to pick up this book but when I heard the story about Jaycee Dugard, I couldn’t believe she survived so many years being abducted, I guess you could say curiosity got the best of me.

Being a mother of three, this was not an easy book to read. Jaycee retells of the day she was abducted with a vivid memory and describes that a pinecone was the last thing she grabbed onto as she was being pulled into the car driven by Phillip Garrido. My heart absolutely aches for this girl as she tells of the horrific scenarios that played out in Garrido’s backyard. At the innocent age of 11, Jaycee endured more than you can even imagine. But it was her hopes of being reunited with her mother and sister that kept her going.

This book will make you angry, sad and a little bit fearful too, especially if you have young children. I absolutely do not recommend any kids read this book, probably not even teenagers, this is adult material. After I read this book I had the initial reaction to absolutely wig out and not let my teenage daughter to leave my sight. I then proceeded to do a little bit of research just to see how common these types of abductions are in the U.S. Here’s what I found:

800,000 abductions occur every year

Of that 350,000 are family related abductions

Non-family abductions are 204,000 children

115 children per year are what you’d call a stereotypical abduction in which the children may be driven 50 miles away, taken over night, abused or even killed.

Jaycee was one of the unfortunate 115 children who had to endure years of mental and sexual abuse. Not only did she have to forget her name for 18 years, she also had to learn how to become a mother at the young age of 14! Can you even imagine? Many questions rang through my brain, how could that have gone on so long? Why didn’t anyone suspect that previous abuser of anything? And, why for God’s sakes didn’t anyone ever check out that creepy backyard of his?!

We will never really know the answers to several of those questions but the point I am getting to is this. If you want to know the true meaning of a survivor, Jaycee Dugard is that, A SURVIVOR!! The pinecone necklace she wears represents the seed of a new life and beginning.

One of the most inspiring things about this book is that you can see such determination to live her life to the fullest and just learn how to be an adult. This book is truly inspiring and if you can get through the first few chapters, I think you will find that you find yourself cheering for Jaycee every step she makes.

So, I leave you with these thoughts. Teach your children basic safety skills so they can protect themselves a little bit better. And never forget to hugs your kids and tell them you love them. EVERY SINGLE DAY! .

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