A Summary of 'The Silver Lining'

A Summary of 'Silver Lining'

Chaman Nahal author of 'The Silver Lining'
Chaman Nahal author of 'The Silver Lining'
The little girl was sitting on his lap
The little girl was sitting on his lap

A Summary of 'The Silver Lining'

The Silver Lining

This piece of literary is written by an Indian English novelist Chaman Nahal (b.1927). He won a ‘Sahitya Akademi Award’ in 1977 for his work ‘Azadi’. Other novels written by him are ‘My True Faces’ (1973), ‘Into Another Dawn’ (1977), ‘The English Queens’ (1979).

‘The Silver Lining’ describes the story of a handicapped child and their parents’ unhappy moments, until a guest who is similarly handicapped brings a ray of hope into their child’s life. His views about judging a man’s outward appearance is that ‘A happy man who puts on an appearance of happiness may be crushed deeply within; while an idiot may be truly happy.’

Chaman Nahal narrates his experiences during his stay at a private guest-house in one of the hill resorts, where one of his friends had recommended. It covered all the facilities that generally lacked in advertisements; and it was a silent resort.

The hostess was Mrs. Bhandari from South, married to a North Indian, huge, dark, with bony limbs; and her complexion dark, yet pleasant looking and kind. They had a daughter, Pramodni, about eight years old with a Chinese crop, dressed in Jeans and high boots. She was the centre of attraction to the author. On arriving at the resort he was welcomed by the warm and friendly affection of Mrs. Bhandari. Pramodni remained aloof and a bit timid. Unaware of the child’s disability, Chaman beckoned the child to him, at which she shook her head and dashed out of the room. That situation brought a painful look on the faces of the Bhandaris. The daughter’s physically handicapped condition was explained to the author.

Apparently, the parents faced such awkward moments every time a guest arrived and the child totally aghast while the situation was being explained. Her only means of communication was the gestures made with her hand.

Chaman suggests the parents to inform every new guest in a typed letter sealed in an envelope. The letter was a brief note on the child’s handicapped situation and had a request that the visitor should refrain from approaching Pramodni and asking her any questions.

Chaman relates the incident, when on one day there arrived a strange visitor Mr. David. He was barely twenty-five, and had an unkempt appearance. After reading the note in the sealed envelope about Pramodini, he had rushed out into the courtyard and darted out towards her. Mr. David’s sudden impulse had shocked the parents, who thought that he was being rude. That moment of curiosity in the air was broken by the sound of a gun-exploding shrill laughter. It was a wonder and amazement for the Bhandaris. David was a youth, who too was deaf and dumb, but sent abroad to an institute where he had learnt the skill of communication and had returned to India to open a school for the handicapped children. He was eager to make Pramodni his first student and disclosing this truth to the Bhandaris, thrilled her parents. Their joy knew no bounds and they were filled with gratitude toward Mr. David.

The story ends with the description of Mrs Bhandari as the happiest woman in the world and her laugh expressed as a carefree girl.

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anoynomous 5 years ago

Yes, this story is touching. Very. Love it . i have an e-2 exam tomo, & what could be better than this ? :D

souravmay choudhury 4 years ago

this story is the story of millions Indian who yet to find a Mr. David.

muneeza 4 years ago

i like this muneeza lol.by by.

love this

very nice

nisha also love this lol

the silver linning


nisha 4 years ago

yes this story is really very touching which is of four persons and also one child which is written by c nahal.

arohi 4 years ago

i like this story a lot. it is really touching. is it true or just the imagination??

geetanjali 4 years ago

it's a heart touching as well as motivating story

geetanjali 4 years ago

there is always a hope-moral.

profile image

soumyasrajan 4 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

very nice, inspiring and touching article olgakhumlo!

neelu 3 years ago

superb!!!!!!!!story full of emmotions

Sumayya 2 years ago

nice srory

Thomas k roy 2 years ago

give me a script of this story

olgakhumlo profile image

olgakhumlo 2 years ago from Mira Road Mumbai India Author

Thomas, kindly send the script I'll make the corrections.

Sulagna 21 months ago

Thanks for helping me in doing the project

NishantX 21 months ago

txx need it fr examinations thanks

very much

biku 21 months ago

plz can u send some questions so that can I use it

Jeba 21 months ago

Its too good and touching story. I liked it a lot!!!!

ishita baidya 21 months ago

Nice story i am goingto write this in my project copy haha.......luv it

ishita baidya 21 months ago

Awwwwwwwwwwwssssssooooooomeeeeeeee story my favourite

olgakhumlo profile image

olgakhumlo 21 months ago from Mira Road Mumbai India Author

Dear biku, here are 2 questions: 1. What made Mrs. Bhandari laugh like a carefree girl?

2.Why were the landlord and the landlady disturbed in the beginning and concluded that Mr. David was proud and arrogant?

olgakhumlo profile image

olgakhumlo 21 months ago from Mira Road Mumbai India Author

Dear ishita, corrections on any script or given assignment.

rohan raj chauhan 21 months ago

it is heart touching story it is Awesome. if any handicaped person is there we should help them.

sraboni 21 months ago

This story is really very interest and this story helps in my project

Ankita das 21 months ago

this is very helpful.......and vry pathetical story ;-):-( awsme.........

Dipjyoti roy 20 months ago

hiiiiiiii to alllll my friends i hope aii will be good

yyhs101 19 months ago

Nice story.......... Could you please send me a few questions for the revision of this story fir my test

olgakhumlo profile image

olgakhumlo 19 months ago from Mira Road Mumbai India Author

Dear yyhs101,

Here are a couple of questions:

1.Name the situations that brought painful looks on the faces of the Bhandaris.

2.What did the author suggest the parents to avoid Promodni's humiliation?

3. 'The scene that confronted us was something we least expected to see.'

a. What was the scene?

b. What was the sound of a gun exploding?

c. What was the name of the young man and how did he come to the

rescue of the Bhandaris?

yyhs101 19 months ago

Thanks a ton!these helped a lot

olgakhumlo profile image

olgakhumlo 19 months ago from Mira Road Mumbai India Author

God bless you yyhs101.

Helloooo 19 months ago

Very touching story it is so nice

You have made a good summary

olgakhumlo profile image

olgakhumlo 19 months ago from Mira Road Mumbai India Author

Dear Helloooo,

I'm glad I could help you children. God bless you all.

Atul 17 months ago

Pls help me. What is the relation of the title with the story. It came in exam. Please help fast

Olga Khumlo 17 months ago

Silver lining is a ray of hope. There was a ray of hope for Promodni and her parents the Bhandaris, since she was going to be the first student for Mr. David's deaf and dumb School.

Srushti bhosle 17 months ago

Subrbbbbbb story

Nethra 16 months ago

Inspiring story for handicaps

Sayantan Saha 11 months ago

Can you please answer these questions:

1. Mr. Bhandari squeezed his wife's arm and said, apologetically, 'I'm sorry Mr Dhanda.' Why was he sorry? Give more than one reason.

2. Why do you think the Bhandaris agreed, 'after some trepidation', to try out author's suggestion of a way to deal with the questions of visitors?

olgakhumlo profile image

olgakhumlo 11 months ago from Mira Road Mumbai India Author

Dear Sayantan,

Ans.1 His apology was for the reason: 1. Their daughter did not respond to Mr. Dhanda, when he had called her. Moreover she did not reply to his question when he had asked her, her name since she could neither hear nor speak.

Ans 2.Unlike her spirit of hospitality Mrs. Bhandari felt the note was not appropriate for the guest who would be temporarily lodging at their Guest House. According to Mrs. Bhandari that would be an unkind act.

..... 10 months ago

it was gud!!!

prince 9 months ago

Pls give me all answer at the chapter today ...pls urgent sirqus 1 to g

olgakhumlo profile image

olgakhumlo 9 months ago from Mira Road Mumbai India Author

Please put down your questions Prince.

awesxme.punk 6 months ago

There is one question that I have doubt in. Is this story a true incident? What makes you think so?

Manoj das 4 weeks ago

This story is really a very heart touching story and i loved it

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