A Synopsis Of Life.


Life is but a burglar,
in wombs unprotected
an almost impregnable  
fortress of flesh.
Slipping up alleys,
and leaving accomplices
who fail far behind.

Breaching nest eggs,
where treasures await,
sustenance for nine months,
plus great futures of promise.

Birth is a pardon,
with clean slates for all
the first gasp of birth,
brings a world full of pickings.
years spent procuring,
a wealth of possessions,
through honest hard work,
or by means most find shameful.

Death is a pawn shop,
where life is exchanged,
when it's battered and weary, 
each is judged to be,
worthless or worthy
here many will gain

blessings, heavenly riches,
while others  will get
paid back in
most woeful ways.


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