A Thief in the Night

You took that which was never yours to loot and to gorge

Using lies and secrets, showing no remorse

Taking her innocence by force

Do you know the affect that your actions brought forth?

You've left her mind in agony and debaucher

Daily reliving the torture

Being reground in the mortar

Free to contort her

Only she would suffer

Left with the murmur

As gym class would see the etchings on her femur

But her scars went deeper than epidermal

A problem universal

Only true evil can be capable

Their actions irreversible

But you're long gone mean while:

She's haunted by what you took from her as a child!

She sits in tears

And it appears

The only way she knows to release her fears

Is to cut left to right - from here to here!

Just trying to feel!

Something, anything

But only pain seems real!

Do you even realise what you did?

Your actions more than destroyed that kid!

Do you even remember her face?

Feel any guilt or self-distaste?

She was 6 years old - you utter disgrace!

I wish you could see what you made

That beautiful light - you know, the one you made fade!

I hope it haunts you, even when you lie in your grave!

What you did...

That debt -

I doubt it can ever be paid...


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