The Tree Within Me

The Tree Within Me

My Doodle
My Doodle

Tall and strong I stand,
How did my life become so bland?
for my need is in such high demand.

My roots run rich through the ground,
Oh, how my tears flow steadily without a sound.
to this land I am forever bound.

Radiance that is easily shown,
Here I am all alone,
a purity impossible to clone.
vulnerable to your undeserving throne.

Open your eyes! Listen to my plea,
Can you see? Do you even notice me?
save a life by saving a tree!

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sweetcg profile image

sweetcg 4 years ago from Akron, OH

That was beautiful.

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales


Para Nought profile image

Para Nought 4 years ago from Inside My Mind

I really enjoyed reading this and can relate. So many see me as strong and insightful yet I feel so weak and powerless. Also love the doodle, works wonderfully with the piece.

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