A Vast Collection Of Bookmarkers.


Parchment flesh is
marred by age spots
faded ink blots over
the blue veined
lines of life waning.

Time writes
its soliloquy
from the wells of
watery, cataract
clouded eyes.

Lips tremble
over the mutterings
of some long
forgotten dream,
as hankies genuflect
beneath sorrows leaked.

True maturity
is the final page
fluttering like
a frail heart
in its closing chapter.

All of its wisdom
destined to be
bound between
tight covers of earth
by the author
and finisher
of our faith.

There are countless
acres of stories
shelved in neat rows
beneath granite markers
that note those who
mastered maturity
in chiseled footnotes.

~~~~~~~~~MFB III


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Brenda Durham 6 years ago


thought-provoking as always;

question-provoking as well;

but I won't even attempt it. How does one analyze the poetry that comes from the depths of the soul? Practically impossible. So I'll just enjoy it and keep a part of it in my own soul.

Thanks for it.

always exploring profile image

always exploring 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

Granite markers, chiseled footnotes, only you can word this meaning in such a way that i visualize the stone.It,s a sad piece esp. for the aged, but in no way untrue. I like it very much.Poems are in my being.

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