A Vignette of Imagination: Enticing Loneliness

Enticing Loneliness

 The club was packed that Friday night with people of all types.  The weirdoes were sulking in the corner sipping their fruity cocktails not even talking to each other.  By the bar were the odds and end bachelor’s sucking down their drinks of choice, scouting the dance floor hoping for an easy opportunity to get laid tonight.  The divas were close to the stage dancing like everyone was watching and looking ever so tacky doing it.  Their dates hung off to the sides of the dance floor, watching them make fools of themselves and ordering them drink after drink in hopes to make it an early night.  Aside of the divas, the dance floor was packed with couples and groups except for one girl.

Her dark hair draped over her face as she swung her head so effortlessly to the flow of the music.  Her voluptuous hips swayed around and around as her legs tangled themselves into a rhythm.  Her long, smooth arms whirled around her in a wave of sensation.  The dim fluorescents fell on her just right.  Her body libidinously seduced the music tempting all eyes to quench their thirst.  She danced alone, without a care and only a smile.


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