A Vow

A Vow

A Vow

The vow to you is to love you

as long as there is:

Stars into the night shining bright

Sun as it turns into moonlight

Trees with leaves that never fall

Eager birds roaming the skies

Butterflies with expanded wings

Oceans turning into rivers

The sea so clear and blue

Love that will always show thru eternity

A vow that may never be broken

By any winds

For this is my vow to you.



                                              Copyright by Sheila Hall

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Brown-eyed-girl profile image

Brown-eyed-girl 5 years ago

Very beautiful thought. It reminds me of the vows you take at a wedding. Promising to love one another, no matter what.

chspublish profile image

chspublish 5 years ago from Ireland

I love the reverence of the message in this poem.

Angeleyes41 profile image

Angeleyes41 5 years ago from Minnesota Author

Brown-eyed-girl: yea it does when I write I just think off the top of my head,I write about family, friends and etc and Thank you =)

chspublish: Thank you =)

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