A Wave Of Mutilation

Every Day

It was today,, then it was yes, today.  Again and again, Every day, yesterday, tomorrow.  Huh, tomorrow is borrowing until it becomes today then before you know it it is yesterday.  Where did I go with my life?  I went for an enjoyable ride for a while until I attempted to take a short cut that became a very large rut I was spinning my wheels in not realizing I was stuck.  I fooled myself to beleive I was in a groove and on the right path until I got sober enough to see the groove I was making just turned in to an unescapable rut way off path.

Every day is worse.  I'm tired of having to rehearse the feelings I'm forced to fake feeling.  I'm not happy with where my decisions have led me.  It's the curse of knowing I feel.  You know, the unreal.

I've moved on far beyond the veil of what the good lord blinded me of so I could freely experience hell.  I'm exploring the freedom of choice and its been quite a ride to say the least.  I've had to feast on delicious consequences that are usually far more bitter than sweet.


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