A Writer’s Benefits For Having Kids


There are so many ways on how you can write a story. Your story can either be in different genre such as fantasy, mystery, or action. If you have kids, you are lucky enough to have them since they give motivation to you and help you as well in your writing. In this article, I will be providing some tips on how you can maximize the benefits of having kids while being a writer. I encourage you to read more since this will help you if you are into creating stories as your writing project.

Children stories are really helpful.
Children stories are really helpful. | Source

Use children stories as your plot

Every time you read a bed time story to your kids, try to alter some of the sequence of the story by providing different characters, events or settings. This can be done by borrowing a plot from various authors who are well known creators of children stories. In this modern age, there are so many writers who provide high class children stories but have the difficulty publishing their books due to financial reasons or lack of sponsors to support their work. This method is so effective and this is still in line with copy right laws since you are not plagiarizing their work. You are just getting ideas from the great stories that they created and creating a story of your own. It is one hundred percent original since you altered the sequence, events, characters and even its own setting. Creativity is everywhere and all you have to do is to open your mind and be aware about unique works of others that you encounter. It is very important that your story should flow from the beginning up to the end.

Courtesy of Google
Courtesy of Google | Source

Get feedback from a young critique’s mind

Notice the feelings of your children every time you read them the story that you have come up with and ask them what they think from the story. You can also ask them what they felt in a certain situation or event in the story. Be positive in their feedback since you are creating a writing project that is suitable for young audiences. You can also try to put yourself in the mind of a child which has a very fresh and curious perspective since this helps you to feel young-at-heart and allows you to think what ideas you can come up with and what ideas can improve your work. Children’s minds are so simple; they don’t dwell too much in ideas and concepts but provides a logical reason why the action should be done in your writing. Their ideas match your target audience which is kids and kids know what is best when it comes to the quality of your work in the eyes of other children. These children will be your readers and you will be contented and feel praised if you see them reading and likes your work. As writers we are contented once our readers show that they like what we created.

Learn from a youngster's idea
Learn from a youngster's idea | Source

Use your kids’ ideas to come up with your writing project

Children are so imaginative. They can come up with a lot of things. The reason why you are lucky to have kids is because you can use your kids’ ideas to come up with your own writing project. You can also use their ideas to improve your work. This can be done by asking them what they think or what they imagine every time they are doing something, especially when they are playing with their toys; often times you will see them portraying an event that you can use in your writing or even using their toys as special characters in a story or sequel. Being observant and being aware about the ideas that you can get is the key here. You can also ask them what their dreams are last night. Most of the time, kids’ ideas are related to fantasy. All you have to do is to give your personal touch to make a story special.


Great happiness can come in many ways. One of it is having kids and most of the time, we as writers think that our kids are distractions in our work especially if we are absorbed in doing our writing projects and is eager to finish our work. It can’t be avoided that sometimes kids can distract us in our work, but take advantage of this by spending time with your kids while gathering great ideas from young fruitful minds of your love ones.

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