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In your journey as a writer, you might find yourself troubles along the way; one of the common problems that we encounter as writers are having difficulty in trying to write something. With your ideas, you will eventually write something. Let us put it this way, how can you provide information if you don’t know the information at all? Same goes to writing, how can you write if you don’t know what topic to write? Technically this is not the case because as long as you have time in writing, you will eventually come up and write something. But if you don’t have time in writing, you might see a dead end in your vocation. Therefore, the number one problem when it comes to writers is having difficulty when scheduling their time to write.

In this article, there are some recommended ways on how you can create a writing schedule so that this will work no matter what your job is. Writing can be a vocation for anyone who loves to write no matter what degree or what their job is as long as there is enough time to write. This article or hub will provide some information on how to properly manage your time as a writer so even if you are occupied with your current job, you can still write something and have fun writing since it is one of your hobbies.

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Choose your schedule

Choose a schedule on what time of the day best suits when your creativity works. Recommended time can either be early in the morning after you wake up or late at night before you sleep. The purpose of writing early in the morning is because your mind is already refreshed and well rested. On the contrary, writing at night is the opposite but gives you more concentration in your work since there are no distractions and only dead silence of the night will disturb you.

You can also write during the afternoon while your kids are sleeping to avoid distraction and this allows you to focus on your work. You must have a large amount of time when it comes to your writing. Thirty minutes to an hour is good enough to some writers but for beginners, it is recommended they work for an hour or two. The more time you have, the more time to think on what you are about to create. Try to establish a regular time each day and stick to it. If you cannot come up with a specific time of the day, try to think which time of the day you are most alert and how much distraction you can tolerate. This will eventually lead to inconsistent time of the day for your schedule but gives you an effective time to write something.

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Use a calendar or set up your goals

A calendar allows you to see if you are in track of your goals or to know how much you have accomplished. It also informs you how much effort you still need to render to finish up your writing tasks especially if you have a set deadline for your writing project. Your goals have a factor as well in your work. Make sure that you set up your goals associated with the time in the calendar and make sure that you reach your goals either on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Setting up goals is actually a good habit. It provides professionalism and productivity and it can also be applied in other work or other interests that you might have.

Same goes if you have a large project, set up your goals on a monthly basis and make sure that every task is met on a specific time frame. Deadlines generate a state of mind to people that accomplishing it makes us feel better. Aside from that, deadlines force us to do the work and finish it. It is a matter of being forced to like your passion specifically writing. Therefore, set up a deadline for your writing project allowing you to be committed to your work to meet your deadline.

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Make an appointment to your writing

An appointment ensures consistency and no delays in your work as a writer. This involves a huge amount of discipline since appointments are regularly followed. Appointments also help in the event that you need to publish your work. If you have a set appointment, your work will go smoothly since you will know the sequence of what to do next or you have an idea about your next task. Appointments serve as a schedule to a writer and it allows maximizing their time. Having an appointment keeps track of your activities since these activities will lead you in finishing your set goals.

Appointments are not just a list of activities that you need to do. It has a positive outcome in becoming more professional. Its effects are quite numerous not just in your work but also in your attitude. Following set appointments creates a habit of being aware of the time that you are using and the time that you need to follow and it also improves your perception on how rules are imposed and why rules are followed.


Commit yourself to writing as best as you could. If you can also include a little determination and effort, you can achieve a lot of things in writing and creating your work. Time alone is not enough when it comes to writing. It also involves good traits that a writer should possess. Writing also involves hard work. With good time management, many things can be accomplished and a lot of work can be finished. As the famous saying goes “time is gold” and this seals the deal. Schedules, appointments, and goals will change your lifestyle as a writer and get more things to be done.

Time management in writing is a skill that can be mastered overtime and once you have mastered it; you will not even notice that you are managing your time. This skill will lead in different positive traits that a writer can possess such as being professional, having the ability to multitask, and many more. As a writer, you should start making this a habit for you to manage your time more efficiently.

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