A Yuppie Named Desire - Remember Poem

I remember,

A Streetcar Named Desire

No, Literally named desire;

A doorman I can’t recognize,

A hotel I can’t pronounce,

Voices that suggest intoxication,

Failing to wave down a bartender,

Gushing kidney stones of small talk;

Lipstick, hairspray, tongue;

Condoms, money, blood;

A good time.

I remember,

Steam rising from below the streets, 

Billowing up in tendrils, evaporating;

A police car driving down a one way

Street, in the wrong direction.

 I remember,

Affording to lose a friend,

But not affording to gain an enemy;

Having an excuse,

To look like hell;

“Pressure to follow, stress to lead,”

“Early to bed, early to rise,

Made a man healthy,

Wealthy...” with lies.

I remember,

Feeling indignantly lascivious,

Abhorrently loving,

Respectfully fearful,

Monotonously luminescent,

All the the above,

Of people in general,

With a smug smile.

I remember,

Facades of personality;

Patience for new beginnings,


For things that take place,

Beyond the realm of,

My immediate vision.

I remember,

A dream within a nightmare, a nameless passer-by;

A solitary figure lingering on a street corner,

A person rushing past; 

One who cries out, 

Sings and dreams within us all.

I remember,

Fragments of friends,

Smells, moments, 

Pieces of a puzzle;

Love, fucking,

Lots of girls, 

Confessions, losing;

My one and only.

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cameciob profile image

cameciob 5 years ago

Great poem. Very visual.

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