A conversation that sounded so nice!

The other day I was on a long journey by bus. One young man with his girlfriend sat on the other side. I had a little chat with them and got to know that they were from England. Later, when I was reading a newspaper, I could hear their conversation and it sounded so nice that I thought that this could make a good hub. So my friends here I am making an attempt to write a poem. By the way, Richard and Venesa are not their actual names.


You say you know me but do you?

You know my name ,

a person you are acquainted with

whom you consider as your friend

and who you love and trust.

Hang on, the world is not all that simple,

Don’t rush, don’t jump into conclusions,

I may not be what you think I am,

It may be I have pretended to be your friend

and have won your heart so easily

by mere deception.

May be I am taking advantage of your loneliness,

May be your problems I will never share

but be with you when you have good times.

Well, still you consider me as your friend ?

You love me and trust me?

How could you be so simple ?

I envy you for the kind of heart you have,

I wish I were like you!


I have known you , your deep inside,

You are not a person to cheat.

Thanks for all the words to caution me

but I love you, trust you and always will.

You would not deceive me, Ever,

If you do I would know

that this was in my fate.

You are too good a person,

so frank and easy.

You haven’t said good things

about yourself,

Your concern for me says all.

You regard me as your friend,

Your true friend , I see love in your eyes,

in your smile and in everything you do.

I know you well.

Very very well.

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writer20 profile image

writer20 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

Maybe, she was a ghost seeing as he didn't know her.

Good reading.

Kamalesh050 profile image

Kamalesh050 5 years ago from Sahaganj, Dist. Hooghly, West Bengal, India Author

Writer20- I had made a mistake, it appeared that Richard and Venesa didn't know each other. The error has been rectified. It is only upon receipt of your comment that I realised where the mistake was. Thank you very much.

Hope you are all well.

Best Wishes.

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