A day at the park

The second hand is busy,

the minute hand is slow,

the hour hand is lazy,

we all watch the time you know,

Soft drinks are fizzy,

the bubbles like to go,

beer's not clear it's hazy,

we tend to drink them slow,

Roundabouts make you dizzy,

down the slide you flow,

the swings make your hair wavy,

you fall off there's tears of woe,

Then it's all off to the chippy,

faces all aglow,

screaming like a banshee,

no longer so hypo,

You try to walk home briskly,

the kids don't want to follow,

they moan and seem so bleary,

and end the day with sorrow

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lovelypaper profile image

lovelypaper 5 years ago from Virginia

Wonderful! I envy any person who can rhyme, lol.

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