A family man

A family man
John Edwards is his name
ran twice for president
a nasty game

Full of lies
and of deceit
as turned out
John too was a cheat

Almost a million
dollars spent
to cover up the mistress
for he’s a family man

They also had a baby
another mistake
wow what a man
what a total fake

Playing the field
like a single guy
but not in the open
no he just lied

His lady at home
deceived and betrayed
hey family man
this isn’t the way

His wife got real ill
during this all
but that didn’t stop him
to have a ball

So while he was
in another bed
his wife died of cancer
lonely and sad

What’s up with these
political guys
why do they always
tell those lies?

A family man
John Edwards is his name
ran twice for president
now out of the game


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Sylvia's Thoughts profile image

Sylvia's Thoughts 5 years ago from Southern California

Yep. They're coming out of the woodwork, aren't they?

LadyFae profile image

LadyFae 5 years ago from Under the Stars Author

You got that very right Sylvia.

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