A little bit closer

A little bit closer

A little bit closer

Baby how can i begin to explain
The meaning i find in you
What if i lie and what if it fade
Maybe the truth is right here
Nature has all it takes

Come a little bit closer
Come into my world

It is not a race neither a struggle
It is not a battle neither a squad
It is what you felt the first day
It is the tone in your voice
Come a little bit closer

If you are the one then let it flow
Will you be there if i call on you
Will you come a little bit closer

Out of joy
Out of love
Out of purity
Out of belief

My heart holds what my hand cannot
If you give your body,heart and soul
I will twist and turn so many things
If you open up your soul to me
I swear,i will make it right for real

A little bit closer
And we will cuddle
Hold me o Baby
For your voice
Is a charm

Come a little bit closer


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