A mother's love

Why should be grateful to have mothers

Why should we be grateful to have mother's?
For they are the ones who conceived you in
their wombs,
and breast fed you until you took your first steps,
on this Place called Earth.,
and held your finger tight.,
to guide your every step,
Who held and nursed you,
when sick in bed,
and made sure she fed you
And all the stories that she
read to you.

But which one of us could be soo selfish.,
and not notice all her needs
be met.,
As old age is creeping upon her.,
even though that smile is showing
through all the hard times that she had.,

she was there for you when you took
your first breath.,
and will you be there for her when
she takes her last breath.,

And when her walking pace is slow,
and the strain on her face it shows,
Are you willing to walk slow with her too?
And help her when her memory is failing too.,
or are we all going to be too selfish,
running around with all the problems that
the world has created.
Is money more important and wealth,
then the health of your mother dear.

As she watch that clock tick in a lonely room,
waiting and waiting for you to come.,
where is that love that once she shared.,
For a lost and forgotten soul.
Left in a home,
to die on her own.

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Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 2 years ago from Wales

Oh how beautifully sad and vote up for sure. Speaks volumes and I now look forward to so many more by you rexy.


rexy profile image

rexy 2 years ago Author

Eiddwen Thank you for reading - will get around to write some more.... pretty soon..

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