A poem "Broken Heart"

( This pic was found on Google )
( This pic was found on Google )

Broken Heart

Connected by the fates of love

Hung from a broken tree of disaster

Our hands cling together and hold each other for all time

Not once did I skip a tear

My heart beat matched your in every second even when you didn’t hear it

My mind ran wild with horrid thoughts and still I loved you

I was lead by my emotions and I was hurt

My soul was open to yours and you closed the door

I opened my mouth and heard your voice, you did the same and heard me

Oh how the world is corrupted 

My heart was wrapped in tainted bindings and you held 

Cold I feel when you are away from me

The terror of the night creeps in and nothing I can do

You torment me from the day I met you 

Lost in your words I believed you

Curse the day I spoke to you and blessed be the day I rid of you

Your a continuous plague that never dies down

A nightmare that wont let me out

A slow death upon a wounded animal, sick and stranded 

Heard by the heart though not by the ear

You hurt my soul, my heart and my mind

Insane I go living with you in my life

Nothing would make me happier than to be done with you

Yet I’d die without you, you are a precious site

You are my living demise 

Its inevitable that you came into my life just to leave it

Its maddening, the insomnia that I’ve gain from you

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bellawritter23 profile image

bellawritter23 5 years ago from California

Great stuff here! Broken hearts are never fun and very hard to mend at times!


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