A poem about A) Your life B) Your life ten years ago OR C)Your dream life

At the corners

Alone and quiet, living the dark
From the inside, failing, faded, stark
Shattered, cornered deep in fears
Broken, living dead in tears

At the corners…
I found myself, hiding from the light
Weakened, to fall in my darkest night
In this world I hate, I crushed my own
Living is dying in the vast unknown

At the corners…
In my darkness and emptiness You came
Stretching Your arms, You took the shame
Giving Your life, You died in sin
All for Your love, endured the pain

At the corners…
Your light, the unseen revealed
Driving the fears, their torment failed
Shedding Your blood, for me to live
Providing the hope to repent, believe

At the corners…
Your love, Your light shines through
Deep in the dark, faithful and true
Giving me hope, my life to shine
In the world I’m in, glory be Thine

At the corners…

Comment if it needed corrections.

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LowellWriter profile image

LowellWriter 7 years ago from Lowell, MA

I admire you for having such strong religious beliefs. I enjoy the simple rhyme scheme of your poem. I think its great that such a strong message is hidden beneath such every day words. Your message is well-received. Good work. Thank you for answering my request! :o)

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