A poem of dreams unfulfilled and love unforgettable


Our dreams are memories 
   that haven't happened,
Just images of things 
   we'd like to see, 
Patterned by our 
   own imaginations 
Into events as we 
   want them to be.

Once I had a dream 
   I'd be your lover.
Now it's a dream that 
   time will not fulfill.
And to my misfortune 
   I've discovered
I love you and suspect 
   I always will.

Many words we say and want forgotten,
  Remembered by the ones we say them to,
Are things that were better left unspoken.
  But, foolish me, I said them all to you.

I hoped honesty would prove its virtue.
  But, honestly it hurts more than they say.
I only meant to reach you, not to hurt you.
  I love you, but, I've turned you heart away.

There are thorns in every bed of roses
  And so it is with dreams that don't come true.
Nights we share in dreams my mind supposes
  Are filled with bitter sorrow without you.

No more will I feel your touch so tender,
  I feel, instead, my heart's about to break.
Though, I've never known your sweet surrender,
  I'll love you till the final breath I take.

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leosden profile image

leosden 3 years ago

Absolutely beautiful!

Neal Nulph profile image

Neal Nulph 3 years ago Author

Thank you.

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