A stranger I once loved

How do you sleep? I not so well.

Lets not speak...I'd rather not dwell.

Why you ask? Because it is done.

I do not see your eyes glisten in the sun.

I feel like i sleep with crows

I feel you are a person I do not know

Last Night I imagined you held me once again

I tried to stop, so i prayed and ended with amen

I felt your soft touch upon my skin

our breathing became one, we were one within

We both shared our soul

I feel you are a person I do not know

I see you , just as the start

Free spirited, oh your passionate heart

where is that person ? tell him I miss him so

the man you are now, a man i do not know

Do you remember the songs we shared

The love unmissible with passing glares

I loved you Oh how I loved you so

Now you are someone I do not know


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