Adventures in My Sexy Red Ferrari

Ferrari F50
Ferrari F50

My Bright Red Ferrari Sportscar

It is many a schoolboys’ dream. A bright red Ferrari. Very few people can resist a second glance at one, and it is true to say, they are very sexy motor cars; a true work of art.

In fact, I do have a Ferrari. My wife bought me one last Christmas. For every one of its ten inches in length, it is a true Ferrari, a replica which is perfect in every detail. In fact I am so delighted with it that I would never want a real one. Don’t believe me? Well let me explain some of the benefits of ownership of a toy Ferrari.

Firstly, if I had a real one there would be many considerations, even worries.

For example, where would I keep it? In days gone by, I had a neighbor who had a special air conditioned garage built for his Ferrari. In two years, he took the car out precisely three times. I once owned a Steinway concert grand piano, it needed constant humidity, to be kept away from sunlight, and a very large lounge for it to live in. It began to take over my life, as expensive possessions sometimes do.

Of course, some people do collect the real things as toys. I read somewhere that Christiano Ronaldo the footballer, spent two million British pounds (over three million dollars) on super cars in one year alone. He must have changed every car once the ashtray was full.

How much would my real Ferrari cost to insure? The price of a small house each year I imagine.

What if someone stole it, or vandalized it? Jealousy can be a terrible thing and many a luxury car has been given an unwanted crude tattoo with a screwdriver along the length of its bodywork, by a spiteful passerby.

Would I become a target for thieves, or even worse, kidnappers? There is a strong market for luxury cars stolen to order and shipped off to poorer countries. And kidnappers? Well yes, this is also a big problem especially with footballers. In Brazil gangs have even taken to kidnapping footballer’s mothers if they can’t get to the man himself or his wife and children. Yes, it is quite possible that this ostentatious display of wealth would attract their unwelcome attention.

And the running costs don’t bear thinking about. Apparently a basic oil service can cost $1500, and it can cost $10 a mile to run.

Benefits of Ferrari Model Car Ownership

Now with my toy Ferrari, there are no such problems.

If I think someone might steal it, well I simply pop it in my pocket.

It doesn’t need an air-conditioned garage to live in. My toy Ferrari is quite happy sitting on the shelf in my living room.

There is no need to insure it, no need to pay parking charges, no fuel costs either (a hard push from behind accompanied by a loud “vroom, vroom” does very nicely) and as for servicing, well a wipe with a damp cloth leaves it looking like new every time.

Plus, I can use it every day, in all weathers, inside or outside the house, and fueled by my vivid imagination, I can go wherever I choose; even to places that a real Ferrari could never take me. I can drive it along the beach, up a mountain, even under the sea if I so desire. I can also guarantee that my toy Ferrari, powered by my imagination in turbo drive, is faster than any other super car on the roads by miles. Guaranteed!

When I drive my toy Ferrari there are never any traffic jams, the sun is always shining and I always find the most magnificent scenery to drive through. Sometimes, and much to my surprise, there might be a beautiful young lady standing by the roadside hitching a ride. Of course I always stop and offer her a lift – it would be ungallant not to.

Then we enjoy the delights of open-air motoring together. We might stop for lunch at a cliff top restaurant overlooking “la corniche” and the ocean; we might speed on to Monte Carlo and leave my bright red Ferrari parked nonchalantly in front of the casino entrance. As night falls we might drive the short distance to Antibes, then park up on the beach and watch the lights twinkling across the bay at St.Tropez.

To Cannes and Beyond

We may cruise down “La Croisette” in Cannes, pass for two stars of the silver screen and enjoy our fifteen minutes of fame, or we may skip aboard one of the huge yachts moored in the harbour, and dance the night away. No-one would ask for our tickets, as my bright red Ferrari would gain us automatic entry.

And when the trip is over, I can simply say goodbye to my beautiful companion, wave an “adieu” to the Cote d’Azur, and put my bright red Ferrari away, along with my imagination, for another day.

So as you can see, a bright red Ferrari replica car and a lively imagination can be a potent combination which is hard to beat and which can provide unlimited entertainment. A real Ferrari? Who needs one!


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healthwealthmusic profile image

healthwealthmusic 4 years ago from Everywhere Online ~ Fingerlakes ~ Upstate New York

Even though my dream car is a Corvette, and not a Ferrari, I did 'pin' your picture on my 'Hot Cars' board ;P Whoever can resist admiring a good-looking hot car has ice in the blood veins!

sannyasinman profile image

sannyasinman 7 years ago Author

SOL - perhaps one day you will have one like that. I hope you do and that you enjoy it.

SOL 7 years ago

I want one just like this!

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