A war of words .......the writer .

Do we begin our lines in meager thought
one two or three at a time
Or an instant snapshot of life
of death or a hundred pictures in mind

Some historical heart breaking or
change of heart mind or soul
Who knew the curse of the poet could
leave his warmth out in the cold

Friends from day to day know not the curse
of any scribe
The words flow through minds from day to
day these origins cannot hide

My fingers rest idly upon the keys
the minds ink dries to dust
Along with the scent of memory
a secret harrowing musk

No the curse is just a curse
embedded so deep again
Ahh set me free you evil affliction
from this curse of thoughts within

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always exploring profile image

always exploring 22 months ago from Southern Illinois

I can relate. Words, aha, forever running through the mind, wanting to rhyme every line. Is it a curse or love of words that keeps us so enthralled? I enjoyed this Ed...

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 22 months ago Author

Hi Ruby ! Nice to see you and share in curse! LOL

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