I write poetry occasionally. I am no pro and can't do it on command. It is by inspiration only. I am against abortions BUT I do not judge anyone.

This poem came about some years ago while I was riding down the road in my car. I grabbed a pen and tablet and was trying to write and drive at the same time. This really happened. Suddenly, I saw blue lights and I had to pull over. The officer went through the usual routine and then I gave him my story. I told him I had to write quickly or I would lose my thoughts. He asked to see (guess he did not believe me). So he read and gave me a big compliment along with a ticket. No mercy:) This poem is copyrighted through the copyright section: Washington, D.C. and is owned solely by me. No copying please.


I was a tiny little thing,

My eyes had never seen the light of day,

When a surgeon's cold, metallic knife,

Swept my precious life away.

I felt so safe and secure,

Tucked away inside your womb,

When suddenly I was taken,

And placed inside a cold, unmarked tomb.

But, if you could only see me now,

With my new celestial wings,

I wish you could hear how sweetly

God's heavenly hosts of angels sing.

Why you didn't want me,

Isn't meant for me to know.

BUt mother if you can hear me,

I still love you even though.........

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sukkran profile image

sukkran 7 years ago from TRICHY, TAMIL NADU, INDIA.

great hub. 'i still love you even though....' what a powerful words. i admire you.

Im The Nana profile image

Im The Nana 7 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thank you so much!

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