Word play is everything


One in the morning and the lights are out,
crickets chirping, insects scurrying about.


I lay me down in peace and in rest,
I have had a good day, I have done my best.

In all the world, no true light can be seen.
This is in my head, this what I will dream.

In an ocean I float, in a medley of scenes,
Paradise lost and regained, make up my inward seams.

A Punctual Paradigm Particularly Prevalent. Damaging Doses Dominating and Decadent. Volatile Vipers Vixens and Vandals. Scattering Scapegoats and Scooping Scandals. Rampant Repeating Reverberating Rhythm. Covertness Coherent Co-conspiracies Coexists. Benign Beautiful and Boisterous Beckons....

In my hands rests my head, I am still.
I will lay awake, I will lay alone; until I am healed.

Again now, I am floating in a medley of scenes,
The March of the Light Brigade, rushes over me.

I close my eyes, I paint the inside of my eye lids red,
the color of my life fluid, but brown if I were dead.

There are Parallel Pilings Proliferating Peace. Drumming Drilling Decapitating Diseases. Variables Vocally Victimizing Visitors. Swinging Swaying and Sub-humanized Stealers. Rigorous Ravenous Rumors of Repentance. Cohesive Conjunctions of Cons and Criminals. Bright Bold Boiling Blood....

My heart in my hands now, I make not a sound.
I still lay awake, I still lay alone; because no one is around.

I close my ears, I muffle anything that is heard,
The silence of my life, all in my mind...and I never said a word.

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Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 19 months ago from Shelton

wow sad, emotional.. and very well done

vtwilli profile image

vtwilli 19 months ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Author

Thank you so very much

word55 profile image

word55 19 months ago from Chicago

Thank you so much for sharing. Very well written, very well felt...

vtwilli profile image

vtwilli 19 months ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Author

Word55, I appreciate your feedback

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