Where are you from? 

I was born in a small mining village in Derbyshire UK . I am very proud to say I was born a coalminers daughter the only girl with six brothers, I became a coalminers wife and a coalminers Mother, but then with pit closures I never did come to be a grandmother to a miner breaking the tradition, but even so I have seen and lived life from the raw grit of having to shovel through dirt daily to make a living through to the wonderful relaxing beauty of being carefree laying on a gorgeous beach...

During my life, same as we all do in one way or another, I have had very deep heartaches caused by worry and loss, but then to balance the scales I have also had the best that life can give, beginning in childhood with the best parents in the world, great wonderful caring brothers along with a wonderfully large loving extended family, being not just blood relatives but great neighbors and friends that you know you can always turn to if in first great personal time of need was when I was 17yrs of age, when I was sunk down into the deepest depths of despair, which is all so clearly portrayed in my biographical book "Lifes Carrousel" ...which can be found here in my personal store

or here with others authors books in my publisher store

Well! Life must go on ... and mine did with me finding everlasting loving happiness with always childhood school friend becoming a lifetime mate my husband of over 50 yearsTony Simpson...
Yes! I have been truly blessed in marriage giving birth to three children my eldest son Robert and two daughters Jeannette (The renowned psychic Jeannette DuPont) and Deborah my youngest baby... who between them now have given me eleven gorgeous grandchildren and six great-grandchildren at last count... See here the video of our Golden Wedding Celebrations held on the Canary island of Tenerife...
So I have spent my life contentedly being a wife and mother to my son Robert and my daughters Jeannette (Who is the renowned psychic Jeannette DuPont) and my youngest daughter Deborah Houlding (Acclaimed Astrologer at skyscript
It was only in my late 50's that I turned to writing poetry when I found it gave me something I could focus on when facing another serious worry in life ...and yes it did help me carry the cross then that I felt I was carrying ... and so loving it I continued to write, I got a computor which I have now mastered (when the Servers don't let me down) and I have become a published poet and publisher too, one that loves helping other writers to achieve their own book dreams... To do this I do all manuscript formatting I make all pictures and design covers that are original.

Now I am most proud to say I am the happy owner of The writers & Poetry Alliance which is a website where writers 7 poets world-wide can share their work and inspirational thoiughts.... This site I hope will be a lasting legacy when I am gone to all of the wonderful poet friends that I have made over the years....

When and why did you begin writing?  / What inspired you to write your first book? 

 I began writing poetry serious when my Daughter had a brain tumour. At first it was all prayers to the Lord … then all about my childhood any thing to keep my mind occupied …until I was writing “Thanks” to the Lord ….. 

When did you first consider yourself a writer? 

When I entered a poem title The Friendship Tree into the International Poetry Society competition winning the silver bowl award…A Publisher contacted me as a winner saying if I had more poems like that one they would do me a book … my first book then came about titled “There’s Something in The Parlour” 

Do you have a specific writing style? 

Mostly I am a rhymer, but I enjoy doing all styles having now created 36 new styles of my own… 

How did you come up with your book titles? 

Mostly the book titles are the title of the first poem I put in book such as  “There’s Something in The parlour”… was the title of a poem that had something in the parlour being the content … I knew something was in there that I was not allowed to see… it was years later when I learned that the time I was barred from the Parlour was because my brother’s body was in there … he had been killed down the pit at 14years of age … 

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? 

Yes there are especially in all the children’s story books that I have written. 

How much of the book is realistic? 

Some of my books are based on realism but most are inspired imaginative magical stories to thrill delight and teach a moral with an happy ending …

Are experiences based on someone you know, or event in your own life? 

Life- like be it in poetry or story many are based on my own life experiences 

What books have most influenced your life most? 

The bible and all the stories heard from it at Sunday school 

.If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? 

Many, but one lady in particular that says I helped her along most… certainly inspired me too … our relationship was like a volley in a game of tennis … we tested and grew with each other… her name Christina R Jussaume 

What book are you reading now? 

The ones I am just publishing ready to release for others…  

If you had to choose one book to read the rest of your life, and nothing else, what book would it be and why? 

I suppose if only one it would have to be the Bible to keep me focused as to what is most important in life

Do you have something you are working on at the moment that you’d like to share with us? 

Yes, my own latest book that will be published soon titled “Embracing Poetry in Style”

This book has one section portraying poems written in all my own cultivated styles then there is a second section showing poems that I have written in many of my poet friends own creations then section three finishes the book with poems done in many of the well known traditional styles…

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book? 

No… I am happy with it …

 Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

Through a need to express feelings that I had previously found hard to talk about … it became a great healing process for me

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

 No and if there is then I enjoy it as I like a challenge and I enjoy encouraging others through a challenge  

Who is your favourite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?   

Too many to say 

Who designed the book covers?   

I have designed all my own …and majority of the books I have published for others..

What was the hardest part of writing your book? 

Writing about the sad times … loss of brother when a very young child then loss of my husband, when I was only 17 … 

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?   

Yes lots!, Mostly I learned that by writing of ones’ own pain you get much release for it to be a great healing process …and when others relate it also helps them to come to terms with life’s pain  

Do you have any advice for other writers?  

Only never be afraid to express yourself …there is always someone that will relate

If you could mirror the career of any other author, who would it be and why?  

I am happy with myself, but would love to have a number one, though not for fame and fortune but for the inspired words that I know came from Spirit that ought to be read for their messages to be passed on

  If you had to choose something besides writing, what career would you choose and why?  

I am very happy right now doing what I am helping others to become published. 

Do you have a muse? (a persimmon, type of music, location you love)   

People, I love people. I love the Town of Puerto De La Cruz Tenerife, for its Winter sunshine, I love all kinds of music … for like poetry there is something to suit every mood. 

What is the interview question you always dread being asked?  Can you give us the answer.

I do not dread any soI would answer all.

What’s your favourite name ?

Robert for a man that was my Dad’s name now my son’s and grandsons

For myself Mother especially Grandmother  

What is the most interesting thing about you?   

No idea…probably my family 

What is the worst book you’ve ever read?  Why? 

I would not read a book I did not like I would close it, just like I turn off the TV . 

Is there a website or page you would like to be included on your review post?  

Is there a poem you would like to post here;

Yes, this one.


Who’d have thought in a million years,

That books and a web site I'd see,

For no-one would have thought it,

Some twenty years ago!

That I’d be writing words

fit enough to show!

For the best education that I truly had,

Was with living life happy and sad!

I attended just one our lvillage school,

Where up to 40 in a class was then the rule!

With a teacher for a year who taught us everything!

An hour at this an hour at that then an hour learning to sing!

Then the following year another teacher would do the same,

Hitting us with the ruler, if we didn’t play game!

But them the time outside the door I’d be,

In disgrace for and acting the fool constantly!

Now I wish that I could tell those teachers of yesterday,

“That I must have listened to what they had to say”

How I wish I could E-Mail them, to ask them to look,

At all of the web sites all about me and my books!

But sadly I can't thank them for their efforts made,

But I can thank friends and family for the part they played.

For NOT pronouncing H’s, sadly is how I speak,

So help with proper grammar, I’m always glad to seek!

Many friends have helped by reading my poems through,

Telling where an H' should go and where it shouldn’t be too!

Without this help might first book might not got accepted,

I bet It would have come back with note “REJECTED”

But here I am today in my 70th year

Publishing books for others to bring them cheer

I'm owner of a world-wide poetry site too

That I pray will still thrive when my life is through

So that in future years all poets may find

This wonderful legacy left by Pat behind!

The Writers & Poetry Alliance

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ROBERTHEWETTSR profile image

ROBERTHEWETTSR 5 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky Author

I have known Pat for several years and she has publsihed two books for me. A very talented writer, manager of a poetry forum and publisher of individual books, charity

books and compilations of worldwide authors. Robert Hewett Sr. aka Cottonwood Poet

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

Thank you Robert so very much for this interview ...Pat xxx

Jan Henson 5 years ago

I've only known Pat for a couple of years and she has been a great help in getting my husband's(John Henson)books published. Last year we met and she invited me to join her poetry site. Never having put pen to paper I wasn't sure I could write, but Pat was confident that I could as she could 'see' I had poetry in my soul. Thanks to her I now have a few poems under my belt and in a few months time I shall have my first book out.....all this thanks to Pat.

Her own poetry is well worth a read and my personal favourites are the comical ones about her life in Derbyshire.

Jeannette DuPont 5 years ago

loneliness, Something in the parlour and the fishing trip are truely inspirational and make me laugh and cry ...emotionally riveting. Her childrens books are enchanting thank you for making the world a much more colourful place

Julian Law 5 years ago

What a wonderful interview. A real insight into the life of Patricia Farnswowrth Simpson. The poetry that I have read is truly based on life experiences, and what a life! The reader is drawn into another world, which for me, is totally different to my upbringing that I remember as a child and young adult. I would add that I am all the richer for reading Pat's work.

John Henson 5 years ago

Pat found me lurking in cyberspace and encouraged me to take my writing seriously. Now I have 2 books published and a 3rd and 4th in progress. My Wife is now a poet and my Daughter too. my crowning glory was to devote a chapter in my last book to my beloved Daughter, all thanks to Pat. She is a great Lady.......John W Henson

Vinod Madhok profile image

Vinod Madhok 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

I got to know Pat very recently but in short span I have discovered that she has a golden heart...and a wonderful human being she is...any words which flows through such a heart has to be beautiful...and that's I guess the secret of her writing beautiful poems!!!!!!!!.....Vinod Madhok

Cleveland Deeds 5 years ago

I have been aquainted with Pat through poetry for some time now and have always admired her as a poet and a book publisher. Pat is a great person and tries to help anyone with the publishing of their book. Pat has published one book for me and i'm currently working on another which i hope to get published also. I love Pat for the fine person she is and it is always a pleasure to listen to whatever she has to say about writing a book of reality or fiction or poetry. I believe there is a poetic resonance in everything people write be it a letter or just some fictious concept. god bless her and may her pen always give up the best..................cleve

Christina Jussaume 5 years ago

This is a beautiful interview with a woman I have known for many years now... we have both grown together in our writings and I cherish her friendship and her integrity with her Publishing. I can honestly say she was certainly part of my destiny. I can only give her praise and honor for her own works, her integrity, her friendship and love that she gives freely to others...May God bless you Pat and help you with all dreams within your heart every day of your life...

Dena M. Ferrari 5 years ago

I have only known Pat for just a little over a year and what an adventure I have been on! Her talents soar and fly high with each new member she embraces! This is an awesome interview with so much spunk and life! I can't thank Pat enough for all she is and what she has done for sooooo many! Her quill is golden...just as is her heart! Pat will always be a Dear Friend!! Brightest Blessings to you and yours!

Thanks Bob...for Hubbing our interviews! ((((huggles)))))

Rhoda Galgiani 5 years ago

I met Pat a few months ago and she certainly has been an inspiration to me. Her gentle words and soul searching poetry touches many readers as well as myself. It is a joy to know her and I wish her huge continued success with everything she touches in life...

Rhoda Galgiani, LI, NY

Marianthi Birch 5 years ago

I met Pat about 10 years ago in the UK where she and her daughterd organised a Psychic Awareness workshop. I learned so much from that incredible experience and so asked them if they would be willing to come to France and give one there (as this was where I was living.) They did just that! What a success! And now I am proud of her success with her Poetry and Publishing career, may she continue to grow and give us all inspiration and encouragement. Love and blessings Marianthi

Mel Brake 5 years ago

Pat, enjoyed reading your interview. Godspeed.

Leokadia Durmaj 5 years ago

I have known Pat for about six years, she is a loving and caring human being, gifted in many talents. She has helped many poets to accomplish their dream in having their books published. I wish her continual success in every aspect of her life. Blessings and love Leokadia

Richard W. Jenkins 5 years ago

Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson is one of the (if not the) most generous and caring individuals I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know, and I have met many since beginning my poetical internet involvement with her on Poet's Workshop in 2004.

We have served together on numerous poet site since, and never have i heard her ever say anything against anyone, she is dedicated and masterful poetess, a kind and warm friend to all, and one of the most renown, genuinely liked, respected, accomplished, and sought after poets I know of. She can write well of anything in any form ... amazing!

I find that your interview reflects honestly your open, and admirable character, and I thoroughly enjoyed it all.

Big hugs to you, Pat!


iolanda scripca 5 years ago

Pat is a remarkable poet and publisher.Several of my poems are in the lovely designed anthologies of poetry she puts together. My latest contribution was included in the book "For The Love Of Japan" - which was brightly designed by Pat for charity. It's an honor to work with Pat Simpson.

Best to you, iolanda Scripca - author of "Lava of My Soul"

Carolyn D 5 years ago

Pat has helped bring poets together internationally and also assisted them in getting their work published. She's a fantastic lady and has my deepest admiration. Her own writing is truly outstanding!

Carolyn Devonshire - poet/novelist

Erich Goller 5 years ago

I have know Pat for serveral years and she has publish five books for me, with out her help and inspiration I could have not accomplished that, I'm very gratful for that.She is a great poetess, very generous and helpful,

publishing many books for charity.

It is a pleasure for me to be on her poetry site at for many years to come.

I enjoyed the interview,I hope all her dreams come true,

God bless her.Hugs! Erich

Ruth Thomas 5 years ago

Not only is Patricia Farnsworth-Simpson a wonderful author and writer in her own right, she has chosen to mentor others and has been instrumental in getting many published. She is truly a gifted writer and a generous person, offering her help to many!

Lucky90250 5 years ago

LOVE THIS INSPIRING INTERVIEW! Patricia is everything she says and more. She has an imagination the size of the planet! Her childrens books are phenominal. She has reached out to so many, and instilled new confidence

and happiness for them as well. She also is the head of Poets Worldwide, which I am glad to be a part of. A true

Poetess on all counts.

Paulette Kosak 5 years ago

Pat is dear friend and an excellent poet. This interview shows her caring heart and giving nature as she has been instrumental in giving many budding poets a boost in the right direction. She encourages and supports all of her fellow poets and authors whether she has published then or not. She is an extremely talented lady! This was an outstanding interview! Blessings and congrats! P. F. Kosak, Novelist, Poet

Quarter Moon 5 years ago

Pat published my second book for me.She did a wonderful job. I am so happy. Everything about it is what I wanted and more.Pat is the best of people. Sweet, funny, objective. Just an absolutely splendid person. An excellant publisher.I love you Pat,and all that you stand for. Signed Quarter Moon

Katherine Stella 5 years ago

I have got to know this great lady through my sister dennyo22 through the old blue site called poets workshop and when that folded wee all expanded our wings and flew so I am so glad to once again find pat she has also help me with my first book to be released soon entitled Time For Haiku Mid-West Style this is one heck of a gal not only in frindship but also in spirt it's my honor to know you pat hugs my frind keep on with that stroke of the pen

Joseph Spence, Sr. 5 years ago

This is excellent. The interview flows very well. I like the questions, by most of all the comments and extra points from you. This shows dedication to your craft, and your interest to the growth of poetry.

Janice Parker 5 years ago

I have known Pat for several years, in that time I have found her to be a very sensitive and caring person. A true poet and writer. I have had the pleasure of being on a poet site with her and learning from her. She does wonderful work and you can always count on her as your friend. I admire her work and her as a person very much. I can say it is a honor to know this lovely lady. God Bless you always, Janice

stephanie brooks 5 years ago

I have known Pat for about 10 years and i love her poetry books, her kids stories are lovely too especially the twinkles for little girls... this interview is truly captured the pat i know. Blessing to you Steph

Dee 5 years ago

Pat is not only a wonderful person who never tires of helping others, but also a great inspiration for her outlook on life, Her aim is to see as many poets publish their works and have a legacy to pass on, in doing this she works relentlessly on a one to one with each poet to ensure their book is as perfect as possible..I have known Pat for a short while but in that time we have become good friends, she has a wonderful personality, a friend to all, humorous, kind hearted and totally committed to her poets at The Alliance ~ (poetryandpublishing ) Having had four books published by Pat so far and been totally delighted, I recommend her to all who are looking to be published..

God Bless you Pat..You are our Earth xx

ROBERTHEWETTSR profile image

ROBERTHEWETTSR 5 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky Author

Way to go Pat, these are really great comments and testimony to you as a person, poet and publisher. Bob

Char 5 years ago

I have known Patricia for many years and always found her to be a true and caring friend, as well as a most versatile poet whose works cover myriad aspects of life.

I wish her the very best in all her endeavors and found her interview to be very personable and honest, just like the lovely lady poetess herself. Blessings 'n Love, Pat. xox Char.

Harry Baker 5 years ago

I have known Pat since about 1999 when I attended a spiritual workshop with her & her daughter Jeanette. It was a time of difficult decisions for me & I knew I had certain challenges to face and live through in the near future.

I found Pat & Jeanette to be very generous spirits giving far more than they ever received. Their friendship & spiritual mentoring was something I will always remember & cherish.

Pat will give of herself without hesitation & whatever she does is aimed at helping & improving the lives of the people she knows or meets. Her writing & poems are like the angels & spirits that I know to work through her, they teach & heal & guide the reader gently towards a better understanding of the true nature of our path in life and steer us closer to spiritual fulfillment.

Thank you Pat & may all your giving return as blessings of grace multiplied many times for you.

Harry xx

Grandniem 5 years ago

Pat is soo special,..a lady who gives of herself so tirelessly and unconditionally to help others fulfill a dream. There are so few who would be as she is, and blessed are they that follow her example. Pat,.. you are a light and an inspiration to all others who aspire to conduct themselves as you would, and you have given many the fortitude to follow their own dreams and aspirations!!

Thankn you Pat! God bless you! Hugs and Blessings your friend, Grace XXX

Rochelle E Fischer 5 years ago

I have known Pat for about 10 years now on World of Poets and and she has been a major help to me. She has published all of my books some of them were with my Friend and co-writer William Garrett,I would never consider anyone else. She is so helpful and incouraging. I joined her poetry web site long before starting to write the books. I am not sure I would have continued writing had it not been for Pat's incouragement and help

I have also found Pat's writing enjoyable She is a poet with a huge heart. God Bless you Pat hugs and love Rochelle

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

I just do not know what to say in response to all these lovely words about me ... except "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart I only pray I can live up to all you say ... love to all ...Pat xxx

Joe Hartman 5 years ago

I've read Pat's work for many years and from the start I knew there was something special about her. There are few people on this rock that truly care about people they do not know, but Pat has always shown me that the care is there. Don't get me wrong, she can be tough, but in the most tender way. I'm extremely proud to call her my friend.


Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

I have just met Pat by email and have discovered she lives on the same island. I wanted to find out more and so I came to read this interesting interview hub, and I have just voted up for it!

Dena M. Ferrari profile image

Dena M. Ferrari 5 years ago from North Carolina

What an incredible interview for such an awesome Lady!

I have come to admire Pat as a talent that reasons with the Muses of her creativities....she stirs the senses....until all are dizzy by the sheer weight of all Pat is capable of!

As a poet...she shows uniquness and a Publisher...there IS none better....Pat is and always will be..someone I am proud to call....Friend.

Thanks Bob for doing this Interview of Pat!

ANY who have a have someone dedicated for YOUR best interest...and who is willing to go the distance...Pat....IS the Publisher for YOU!

Come by the Alliance...join the forum...and stir OUR senses....come on...I Double Dawg Dare You!

Pat's awesome!!

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

Thank you Joe , Steve and Dena ... Your words are a wonderful gift ... pat xxx

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

Thank you Dena I am so proud of you and all the genuine members full of intefgrity that we have at

The Writers & Poetry Alliance ...Pat xxx

profile image

cobaltcat09 5 years ago

Wow, Pat! I can't wait to start reading your poetry. This interview struck such a cord with me. I created 31 of my poem forms, one for every day of the month to challenge myself, and so I wouldn't get bored writing the same form day in and day out. I have actually taught my students how to create their own forms and I think they enjoyed that aspect of poetry writing the best.

Best Wishes!

Beth Cook

Lynne Cullen 5 years ago

Wonderful to see this interview for someone I so truly admire....Pat Simpson...I might be different in my thinking here, as I was drawn to Pat through her spirituality...She had a prayer page on old blue site and I found the comfort of her prayers there....The poetry she put out was excellent as well....My favorite book of hers is The 'Twinkles'Fairy Story...Pat has a wonderful wonderful sense of creativity..She has the smarts, as well as the most generous heart to promote and encourage anyone who is seriously interested in poetry....Last, but not least why I truly admire her, is for her honesty and integrity...I do love this lady for all of these traits and consider her a trusted friend........xoxoxoxoxo

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

So glad you enjoyed Beth ... you will have to share your creations with us at the alliance ...Pat xxx

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

Lynne my dear friend I so respect and admire you too ...

Thank you so much for youe comments they really have touched my heart .. love you ...pat xxx

William Garrett 5 years ago

Pat is a gifted artist in her own right as a poet and has published two books for me, "Rosewood And Other Short Stories" and "Poems And Promises A Tapestry Of Dreams."

ROBERTHEWETTSR profile image

ROBERTHEWETTSR 5 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky Author

What a wonderful circle of friends and admirers Pat. Your interview is an astounding success and you so deserve it. Just keep on being you. Bob

Martha Hewett 5 years ago

Great going, Pat! You deserve first place!!!!

Johnny and Michel 5 years ago

What a joy to read and know someone who lives life to the full, the rest off us just dream, never ever really getting there.

Keep up going.

Johnny and Michel

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

Thank you so much bill for your lovely comments your books were a joy to help create ...Pat xxx

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

thank you Bob and Martha you are two lovely caring friends your words mean so much to me ... pat xxx

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

johnny and michel how wonderful to see you read my review your words are lovely ... blessings to you both ... pat xxx

Jim Pocza, a.ka. Plantation 5 years ago

One of a kind woman with your mold never to be used again. Your a a very SPECIAL poet with words that touch my heart and spirit many times. Endless enegry to search us all out when we stray from writing. I have know Pat for years from other sites, but her site is the best.

Thanks for being my friend and ispiring me to write other forms as well. Hugs, Jim

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

thank you so much jim i am so happy with your words ... pat xxx

michael Schuh 5 years ago

Pat is the greatest. Her artwork on each book makes our books unique and truly a treasure for us to behold she has done all of my books for me seen at my website ...

poet / author mike44

Jack Warner 5 years ago

I have known patricia ever since she began writing her first book i treasure for the memories of the mining community that it provokes in me... she writes down to earth and honestly paints the picture ... just as she does here in her interview ... all the best jack

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

Thank you so much Mike my dear friend I so appreciate all your words ... pat xxx

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

Thank you Jack I am so happy you liked my first book

Something in the parlour I have now redone it added more and made it better with pictures in book called Life's Carrousel ...Pat xxx

Joy Harper  5 years ago

I have known Pat for many years. She is an inspiration to me and many others. I have a wonderful affinity with Pat, even though sometimes months pass by without seeing each other, when we meet up again it is like connecting with my own soul. Bless you Pat.

MARILYN FRANCIS/MAFLongfellow 5 years ago

Pat is an awesome friend and publisher. Can't wait to do another book with her, I highly recommend her to everyone. She is always kind and cheerful and will help you with all your publishing and poetry needs. Love ya Pat, MARILYN

pat & colin renshaw 5 years ago

met pat in tenerife, yet we were born only 10 miles away from each other in the uk now we are neighbours in tenerife where we have a great time together ... we love pats poetry especially those about her childhood in derbyshire good luck to you pat ... you deserve it

your pals pat & colin xxxxxx

ROBERTHEWETTSR profile image

ROBERTHEWETTSR 5 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky Author

Look at you Pat, 93 hubscore. Outstanding and well deserved. What a response to your interview. Bob

invitationwrite profile image

invitationwrite 5 years ago

Enjoyed reading your interview. Thanks??

Mary Clair Amar 5 years ago

Pat is known as a 'leader poet' in her circle, always very energetic, a profound believer, a great woman, a wonderful person, that learned how to show all the paths of her soul in poetry. It is good to be her friend.

This was an interesting interview! Good luck!

SHEILA 5 years ago

Thanks Pat for all your books. Look forward to reading your next. Your good friends Sheila and Derek xx

pat simpson 5 years ago

invitationwrite \\thank you for reading my hunb ...patxxx

pat simpson 5 years ago

thank you \joy, Marilyn & Mary for your lovely comments ...pat xxx

pat simpson 5 years ago

thanks colin and pat enjoyed you coming to stay with us ... come again soon ... pat xxx

pat simpson 5 years ago

thanks sheila and derek will be seeing you soon in tenerife ... pat xxxx

fashion 5 years ago

Great hub.I really love it.

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

thank you fashion glad you did ... pat xxx

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

Thank you to all of my first friends who gave comments, sorry I never thanked you each individually but didn't realise at first i could here... i tell you all I have been deeply moved by all your lovely comments I am blessed to be able to call you all my friends ... Pat xxx

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

I thank you all my first reviewers for your kind and beautiful words... sorry I did not thank you all individually didn't realise then ... but I did read all and I was deeply moved by all you say ... I am blessed to call you all my friends.... pat xxx

Tony Simpson 5 years ago

This is a good one Pat and its great to see and read all your other comments...having known you all my life i can confirm all you say is true ... but remember that i am your better half... tony

wilf farnsworth 5 years ago

yes i must agree sis this is a very good interview , as for you tony saying you're the better half ...yes but only when winning and that you never do ... ha ha ... wilf

David Hopwood 5 years ago

A talented and inspirational writer who is also a warm and generous person

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

why thank you david this is great to know you think so ... see you next in saint siffret france ... pat xxx

Mollie Reckitt 5 years ago

This company is headed by a dedicated team who

give good service and the proof of this is in the books they publish and the satisfaction of their clients..

Mollie Reckitt.

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

Thank you Tony, Wilf and David see you soon in Saint Siffret ...Pat xxx

Jayne Ross 5 years ago

The ‘Magic’ of Michael Jackson’ is a great collection of tributes in poetic form, all dedicated to Michael Jackson by poets worldwide. The love for Michael’s singing, dancing, general entertainment value and his humanitarian gestures are all well stated throughout the book. The book that Pat published is a ‘must’ for any Michael Jackson fan!

thank you Pat ...Jayne Ross

Deborah Houlding 5 years ago

This is a lovely review page Mum ... but you could have said far more... for instance you ought to have mentioned all the books that you do for fund raising and for other poets ... of that I am so proud of you ... love you deb X

Carol Appleby 5 years ago

this is a great review so refreshing to read and see you are proud of where you come from ...All the best C.A.

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

Thank you Tony and Wilf you made me smile ...pat xxx

Barry Groves 5 years ago

Good one Pat never knew you were so famous ... Barry

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

Thank yoy Tony, wilf and David see you soon in Saint Siffret ...pat xxx

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

thanks barry it was great to see you ... pat xxx

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

Thank you Jayne for your continued support of me ... Pat xxx

Daniel Bernard 5 years ago

I had this translated into french so I could read and my comment is you and tony are a wonderful friend

Your neighbors in france

Daniel and Genevieve

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

thanks daniel and genevieve you best neighbors ever ... pat xxx

stephanie brooks 5 years ago

Wow Pat glad to see you getting read well I came again because I thought you said you were adding more... will look back again sometime ... steph x

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

Thanks Steph ... and I am adding more just waiting on site up dating in touch ...Pat xxx

Karen Lomas 5 years ago

this is really good Pat I enjoyed the read ... though I know your story very well having read your wonderful book Life's Carousel. All the best to you Karen

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

thank you karen for coming over ...

all the best to you too...pat xxx

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

thank you Bob my dear friend for all you are doing ... pat xxx

Christina Jussaume 5 years ago

Truly a lovely interview of a lovely lady, true friend, confident and Publisher. Keep up the good work Pat... It's been a pleasure writing with you for fundraisers and having you inspire me when my muse goes on vacation... Love always... Tina

pat simpson 5 years ago

Tina i thank you for always being there for me ... you are a true friend, honest and loyal with caring heart ...

Bless you for coming to read again ... pat xxx

joan eliis 5 years ago

read your review pat, just had to say how i enjoyed it,

and that it's great to know more about you, your honesty is makes for a refreshing read, joan

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

thank you joan glad you enjoyed the read...pat xxx

Flora Lawson 5 years ago

A long time since I've seen you pat ... but reading this it seems like only yesterday we were kids together ...

your old school pal ...Flora

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

Great to hear from you Flora,,, all the best ...pat xxx

Ruth Thomas 5 years ago

Pat Simpson has just published my first book and I'd like to say it's been such a wonderfully positive experience! Pat really gives 100% to each project she does and she handled my book with as much care and attention to detail as if it were her own. I would have not known where to start, but Pat took over, formatted the book, designed the cover and submitted the artwork to compliment each page. She did a beautiful job and then, she went on to design a webpage for me, and set up my own bookstore online. Getting my first book published by Pat has been such an adventure and such a positive experience. I know that when I have my second one done, Pat will be right there beside me! Thank you, Pat...for all the work you do to make the dreams of others come true!

Pat Simpson 5 years ago

I am just so happy that you are Ruth ... that is my aim ... so job well gone ... thanks for your comments they mean a lot ...pat xxx

YVONNE HALL 5 years ago


michael l schuh 5 years ago

i had to come back and read your interview one more time

it is great

pat simpson 5 years ago

thank you yvonne and mike for reading ...pat xxx

Christina Jussaume 5 years ago

Loved the idea of playing tennis with you. yes.. we always inspire one another when the muse goes dry... I love you for all you do for everyone .You are always in my prayers.. God bless Tina

MICHAEL L SCHUH 5 years ago






Elsie Clinton-Leslie 5 years ago

Hi Pat, I have read all about you, yes I too was a coalminers daughter from South Wales, its a life that no one really knows about unless you have lived it. I have been living here in Tenerife for 28 years now, and my passion is animals (president of K9 and Friends of the Animals.) I am soon to retire from my full time work and hopefully will have some time to contact you. Please know I do readd all the comments on the internet etc., but with working full time,two animal charities to take care of and a sick husband, leaves me no time at all for doing anything else. So I will be in touch. bye, Elsie

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