My name is William Manson I was born in 1960 I am 52. I currently live in England, a quiet village in the West Sussex area.

I was originally born in Scotland in the Capital City of Edinburgh. I moved down to West Sussex to be closer to my family, it was as if I was starting all over again, and I am pleased I made the move.

I adore writing, it is a great part of my life, sometimes you can produce your finest writing in words, record it on paper for the entire world to read at the touch of a button. The World is a wonderful place and sharing your work gives you a warm glow.

I currently have 4 blogs running at the moment, poetry, with over 400 poems, stories, blog promotions, and my rants blog.

I am also a proud member of a wonderful poetry website called poetry with passion a wonderfully warm and friendly site run by Daveda Gruber.

1) How did you first become interested in writing?

I first became interested in writing after I left school. Being at school in the early seventies was hard, education was not as much a priority as it is these days, people just wanted to leave, get a job and start earning, although I did learn the basics in Education I had no formal qualifications.

1) How long have you been actively writing?

I have been writing since I was 19 years of age, scribbling down a few things as I went along, at that time my passion was drawing, I used to sit for hours at a time drawing mainly cartoon characters. I started seriously writing poetry at the age of 21.

2) Do you currently write as a profession?

Do not write professionally, I always wanted to have that “ best seller” but have never concentrated too much on that, perhaps when I retire from work I may consider writing my best seller .

3) Who is your inspiration?

I get inspired from “people” if I see anything that happens daily in my life I record it, and make it into a poem, most of my poems are inspired by everyday activities in life.

Viola Tabor has been my best friend for over ten years she inspired me to start a poetry website and ran it as my manager she was and still is inspirational and I love her to bits, also Helen Holub is a dear dear friend along with all the people on poetry with passion, they are warm and kind, so they also inspire me.

4) Who'swriting style does your work most resemble?

I have never really given this a thought as my work is unique to me, I do not take styles from other writers and prefer to stay within my own remit.

5) Do you write on a schedule?

I do not think many writers write to a schedule unless they have an agent are on time limits. I write for my own pleasure and the pleasure of readers.

6) Do you write in one particular place?

Yes I write mainly at home, sometimes when I am out things that take my notice I will record them on my cell phone and then transfer them into poems when I get home.

10) Do you prefer to work in a quiet environment?

Indeed, one cannot concentrate when there is noise, especially a loud tv, nothing more irritating when you try to write .

11) Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what type of music do you listen to and why?

Music is like a stimulant, it gives you ideas and can make things more relaxing, I listen to all kinds of music and have no particular favourite.

12) Are you an avid reader?

Believe it or not , I rarely read any books, with the exception of poems and stories on blogs and websites.

13. Who are your favourite Authors?

My all time favourite author is Stephen King with John Grisham following close

14) What is your goal in writing?

My goal is to hope that people will enjoy my poems, simply because they might recognise everything in the poetry as things they might have done, today or in the past, and can relate to them.

15) Would you rather write a book that sells millions of copies, but have it be "Celebrity Fluff" - or write an award winning novel that no one reads? And why does it matter?

Everyone dreams of writing a best seller, it is just finding that niche in the market, finding different things to write about that no writer has done before, I would be satisfied being widely known, however whether it would be top selling would be up to the public.

20) If you couldn't ever write again, what would you be doing?

Good question, If I never wrote again I would feel as if something was missing, like an arm or a leg, or maybe my heart.

22) Have you ever worked with a professional Editor or Editorial Service? Was it worth the money?

For my first published novel I used a professional editor and it was worth every penny, he made a beautiful job of my first book.

24 How long did it take to write your first book?

I wrote my first book in under 2 weeks and had it professionally published I was over the moon.

27) How do you feel about Writers Groups or organizations?

I was a member of for a few years and was happy to be awarded with certificates, medals and badges. I think these organisations are great and certainly encourage people to write.

29) What is the longest amount of time you have spent writing in one sitting?

I sometimes spend up to 5 hours per day on a writing project depending on how clear my mind is.

30. Do you have any links you would like to include in your interview.

My books are available at

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ROBERTHEWETTSR profile image

ROBERTHEWETTSR 5 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky Author

Thanks for doing this interview with me William. You are a very interesting writer and have lots of readers. I look forward to reading their comments. Bob

MAFLongfellow1 profile image

MAFLongfellow1 5 years ago from BYESVILLE

Great interview Billy, So glad to know you all these years and call you a friend. You are an awesome writer and hope to follow you closer this year glad you visit us on facebook from time to time. We all enjoy your poetry and hope you will share it with us whenever you can. Love ya always , MARILYN

Viola Jane Tabor 5 years ago

My dear best friend, Billy, do you know how much I love you? Well, I love you a whole bunch. Although I know a lot about you this interview was still amazing interested, and I enjoyed reading every word of it. Jason and Krystal is going to be so proud of Uncle Billy as much as Grandma is. Thank you for the sweet things you said about me, and you Billy inspires me and have all these years we have known each other. God bless you my friend. Love Vi

Helen Holub 5 years ago

Congratulations William, on a wonderful interview with Bob. I think it has been very useful in that you do your poetry a lot like I do...There is no scheduled time, as most of us do write with our hearts and souls and take the time to make our poetry as imaginative as possible. I was surprised that you don't read much other than poetry, although lately, I find reading anything other than poetry a bit difficult. We've all been so proud to be on your "Billy's World of Poetry" for so many years, in which we enjoyed every single minute, as we do with PWP and Daveda Gruber and all. A wonderful read, positive, and fulfilling. Blessings, Helen

Mary Ann Duhart 5 years ago

Awesome interview William. Feels like I know you even better now. I admire your openness and honesty. I know it is so hard to write about yourself but others do like to share your joys and sorrows too with you. I pray that you will continue to have great success in your writing and produce that novel that you desire...I enjoyed your interview.

william 5 years ago

Robert I am honoured you took time to interview me, thanks very much it is great ..

william 5 years ago

Dear Vi, you always will be special in my life dear, for over 12 years now, and it has always been a pleasure, thanks for your kind words and friendship xx

william 5 years ago

Dear Marilyn, you my dear and Leslie are very special to me, you are doing a marvelous job with Longfellow Poetry and attract many fantastic writers. I will always visit your wonderful page, thank you for those special words xx

william 5 years ago

Dearest mom Helen, yes we are very much alike in our writing skills, and I like to think we are alike in many other ways, you are a special lady not only to me but to everyone you come into contact with, your a great example of kindness xx thanks a lot for always being there..

william 5 years ago

Dear Mary.

Thank you kindly for taking time to read my interview, I adore all of you on poetry with a passion, I also think you are a wonderful writer and friend. xx

stephanie Manson 5 years ago

Congrats on a great interview pa ...i know poetry means a lot to you, you are a awesome writer iv'e always enjoyed reading/listening to your poetry and your story's from a young girl up to now :) very proud of you and your achievements. Lots of love!

william 5 years ago

awe thanks Steph, you are a gem, and you have inspired me with a lot of my poems, thanks kindly, love you xx

Star 5 years ago

Brilliant interview , interesting to read. I will have to have a read of some of your poetry :) well done!

william 5 years ago

awe thank you Star very kind of you to read.. thanks a lot :)

william 5 years ago

awe thank you Star very kind of you to read.. thanks a lot :)

MelInda Worland 5 years ago

William, this is a wonderful interview. Comments well thought out.Sending lots of love and inspiration your way. Mel

william manson 5 years ago

Thanks a lot Mel xx appreciate your kind visit xx

ROBERTHEWETTSR profile image

ROBERTHEWETTSR 5 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky Author

Billy, you just set a record as the hub interview to reach a score of 80 in the shortest time. Congratulations. Bob

william 5 years ago

wow, thats terrific Robert hehhe never thought I would get any replies hehehe, thanks friend ;)

Daveda Gruber profile image

Daveda Gruber 5 years ago from Hermitage PA USA

I just got back from Las Vegas and saw this in my inbox. Billy, this a a great interview and by the way I read your poetry, I would say that if you stopped writing you would lose a part of your heart. I think I would lose a little part of mine, as I love your writing! Congratulation on wining POET OF THE MONTH on Poetry with Passion. This is William's link to the video he won! Love from, Daveda

william 5 years ago

Daveda, its great to have you back xx you were missed, thanks a million for all your support and kindness, you are an inspiration to many writers, and we all adore you xx

Erich J Goller 5 years ago

Congratulation William, that's a wonderful interview,thank you for sharing it.

You are great poet, I always enjoy reading your beautiful and inspirational poetry.I'm honored to call you a friend.God bless you.Erich

william manson 5 years ago

Awe thanks Erich, its also a pleasure to know you, your great poetry and formats interest me a lot, thanks for stopping by to read this..

Helen McManus 5 years ago

I would have read this one sooner Billy, but I too was in Vegas.

Quite informative! What a talent you are, to write a book in under two weeks! Wow!

Congrats on a wonderful piece......and sharing a bit of you with us...


william 5 years ago

awe thanks Helen I wondered coz the site was dead lol, two of the stars were missing and now you are back xx

sueellen11 5 years ago

excellent interview. my friend, you are a wonderful writer, and i so enjoy reading your poem and reviewing for you, i thank you for your support and being an inspiration to me, well done, and i am glad we share on such a wonderful poetry site, blessings and hugs sueellen

william 5 years ago

Awe thanks Suellen, I am delighted you are with us again, I missed your lovely spirit on the site, thanks for your very kind words xx

Louise Lewis 18 months ago

Billy, just happened across this interview and was happy to know you are still writing. Your poetry was some of the some of the best and I always looked forward to seeing new poems from you.

Louise 17 months ago

Thanks a million Louise your very kind xx

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