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A token of love~

Twas a keepsake received~

Wrapped with pastel roses~

Acknowledged with adorement~

As great affection posed it.

An expression of love~

Twas given to me~

Yes me clearly he worships~

Being devoted keenly.

A token of love~

A symbol from the heart~

Showing much care~

Finding me irresistible~

Standing angelically bare.

I soar with delight~

As I read his fond words~

My spirit on a pedestal as an angel~

I could never refuse his songed urge.

A token of love~

Appreciation for my soul~

He curls his fancy paper to pen~

Imploring attraction for eternity~

Ink swirling appearing pure to the end.

Tiz memory of passion~

He reminds me as well~

How much we have going~

Our oneness with immense meld.

A token of love~

Was the trinkets he bestowed~

I marveled and relished~

Reveling at this present he gaveth ~

As my pleasure is unmeasured and unembellished!

Undoubtedly I am enchanted with amusement~

As gladness surmounts~

Glee circles around in my atmosphere~

For my heart is now highly sensitive and flying paramount!

This token of love has left my heart naked~

I am now vulnerable, defenseless with a sweet weakness~

Exposed for ecstasy to come rushing all out~

As contentment will scuttle in giving pleasant blissness.

Words combined with warm feelings~

This token of love he made all mine~

Will be cherished within me~

For the rest of my life.


Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv




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