Abandoned and Alone

(From the house down the street.)

I'm broken and unkempt

The windows to my soul

are no longer there

They are no longer there

to keep in the warmth

They are no longer there

to provide shelter from the storm

or the cold

Through the entrance to my heart you can no longer come

The boards and nails prevent you

but through the cracks you can see

what is now covered in dust and cobwebs

with paint and paper peeling

inside of me

inside my soul

all so quiet and so alone

Explanation of Poem

As in many neighborhoods on many blocks in the city where I live there are many abandoned houses and buildings.

This poem is about the abandoned house down the street from mine.  I actually visited it today and let it "speak" to me.

I chose not to include a photograph not only because I did not have a camera on hand but I believe that as you read this poem, the house will "speak" to you and you will actually see what it truly looks like in your own eyes.

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tamron profile image

tamron 5 years ago

Nice Poem! voted up

fashion 5 years ago

Beautiful poem.well done

prashant angiras profile image

prashant angiras 5 years ago from shimla(india)

very well iam glad to read your poem,you have spoken for the abandoned houses,at least somebody cares about them.good work keep it up

Carrie Hollister profile image

Carrie Hollister 5 years ago from Ohio Author

Thank you! This particular house towards the end of our street has really been on my mind.

I only wish I had the means to at least clean up it's yard!

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