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Abhor - Verb


- To detest,

-To dislike wholeheartedly,

-To despise strongly ,

-To hate passionately

Abhor as used in Quotes

The American people abhor a vacuum.
"Theodore Roosevelt"

I abhor war and view it as the greatest scourge of mankind.
"Thomas Jefferson"

I abhor grades - if a child does his best, that's all that should be asked.
"Richard Dawson"

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Abhor in other forms of part of speech

Abhorrer - Noun

Abhorrence - Noun

Abhorrent - Adjective

Abhorrently - Adverb

Two Syllabic Rhyming words for Abhor

abor, ador, adore, air corps,

ashore, ask for, back door,

barn door, bator, before, boer,

called for, call for, car door, care for,

cat-4, class war, coar, cold sore,

cold war, cry for, dance floor, decor,

delore, deplore, devor, dior, done for,

One Syllabic Rhyming words for Abhor

baur, boar, bohr, bore, borre,

c4, chore, clore, cohr, cor, core,

corps, corr, doar, doerr, dohr, door,

d'or, dore, dorr, faure, floor, flor,

flore, for, fore, forr, four, glor,

glore, goar, gore, gorr, hoar,

hoare, hoerr, horr, knorr, kohr,

Four Syllabic Rhyming words for Abhor

basketball score, brace oneself for,

cavalli-sfor, come to the fore,

computer store, convenience store,

department store, espectador,

esprit de corps, general store,

going ashore, grocery store,

hundred years' war, jewelry store,

limited war, mexican war, mezzanine floor,

Three Syllabic Rhyming words for Abhor

account for, allow for, answer for,

antiwar, anymore, apgar score,

armentor, balthazor, baseball score,

bensenyore, boer war, bowling score,

budget for, buffer store, candy store,

civil war, clothing store, come before,

come in for, country store, cover for,

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