Abstract Constellations

To pass the time
As you sleep
I count the freckles under your eye
The bristles of your beard.
Seven. Thousands of thousands.
Years from now,
If someone else
Gently sleeps beside me,
Will I still seek
That abstract constellation
Shadowed by lashes?
Still expect to start
At the roughness of beard
In the soft curve of shoulderblade
That you once claimed?



(Explanatory Note: I'm now ecstatically engaged to someone not the subject of this poem...I recently stumbled upon this for the first time in six years, and while I remember writing it I can't remember the intensity of feelings that prompted it.)

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Titan Writer 5 years ago

Wonderful. Short and concise. Not cluttered and wordy like some poems but very flowing and easy to read. Kudos.

mecheshier profile image

mecheshier 5 years ago

Wha a beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing.

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