Abundance of darkness in the absence of love

Abundance of darkness in absence of love

  Alone again as I walk the

path chasing shadows of love.

Lost in its surroundings

I pray for help from above.

Twists and turns, tears of pain

Heartache calls leaving bloodless stains.

Walls of rock go up as

I shut my heart down.

The pain, the hurt and wounds

I don't want to be around.

My eyes once full of loves light.

Now only show sadness and tears.

Once again controlled by

darkness and unsettling fears.

Will I be loved, or am I good enough

are the unanswered questions.

How long will it take to

find my loves destination.

Will my days ever see

loves eternal light?

Or will my days be stuck

in a forever night?


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mystique scorpio 5 years ago

Hey sorry its been along time since Ive been here... Im going through a similar heartbreak that's why Ive dissapeared.. how are you?

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4elements 5 years ago Author

Im doing good. Been missing you, hope everything is alright

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Johnny Love 5 years ago

With the night as your home, embrace the pain within. Taste the sweeter life inside.

No need to worry about questions or answers,

don't ask them. What do they know?

Very sad and beautiful. it never really matters about the answers. most of the time they arent the ones we wanted to hear. Maybe one day soon you will get the answer without asking the question. Maybe you will feel good enough, maybe you just don't see it yet. Maybe i will shut up now. but i doubt it.

4elements profile image

4elements 5 years ago Author

maybe you are right Johnny and the answer i will see, at some point, my eyes are open and searching.

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Johnny Love 5 years ago

seems as though life is full of maybe but also desire.

luxoccasus profile image

luxoccasus 5 years ago from USA

Love is sweet,love is bitter,love is joy,love is pain..Patience,honesty,and "to thine own self be true" and love will find you in it's season of light....

4elements profile image

4elements 5 years ago Author

thank you lux for reading and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

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