Accident I

Accident I

It’s dark. The air is muddled with
car exhaust. And I see white headlights streak by;
My window is down, and the wind is chilled, yet stale,
And everyone has somewhere to be.

I’m following someone, aimlessly.
Eventually I will go on my own.
The path of least resistance is the main drag
With a tri-colored symbol to tell us what to do.

He shows me green, and it doesn’t change,
Which means it’s in my favor to continue, straight.
Against the grain, a plump, grey-haired maniac
Makes a bold, yet stupid decision.


The action is only a few moments, but the
Thunderous crash echoes for weeks.
Sometimes it will remain dormant,
But will come back, disturbing my sleep.

My path has been derailed in ways I cannot
Imagine yet. I try to comprehend what took place.
I get out to see my vehicle, mangled, crunched.
But I am okay.

The culprit, the older gentleman,
Is not so gentle. His vehicle is worse
And his horn will not stop crying.
And he is okay.

Despite my innocence, the blame was cast upon me.
Possibly because of my lack of experience.
The authorities do not take my word.
And I am now the bad guy.


I've had two major car accidents in my life, and neither were my fault. This is based on the first one which happened in 2003. In short, I had a green light, and an older gentleman, facing opposite me, turned left on red and we hit. He told the police that he had a green light, and I told the police I had a green light.

The police made a judgement call and took his word for it over mine, and I was issued a red light ticket with no proof. I did some research on the light at that intersection, amongst some other evidence and fought the ticket. The judge heard my side of the story and he took my word for it, dropping the red light ticket, making my record clean again, and proving to the insurance companies that I was not at fault.

So, in the end, it was a victory for me, but one last little "P.S." from the guy that hit me was that about a year later, after everything was said and done, he had attempted to sue me for $70,000 for pain and suffering, but I guess it got tossed out. However, despite it having a positive outcome for me eventually, having the authority figures not believe me and getting blamed for something that was not my fault that held major financial obligations was not a fun thing to experience.

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Butter_Lily profile image

Butter_Lily 6 years ago from Jamaica,Kingston

wow! what a story! i mean, even though you lived're descriptive about every movement..sorry to hear about the accusation but i'm glad you got the better end of the straw and that justice was served =]

jdflom profile image

jdflom 6 years ago from Sacramento, CA Author

Thank you for the kind words. :)

maven101 profile image

maven101 6 years ago from Northern Arizona

Interesting shorthand statement perched on the edge of creative writing 101...Looking forward to Accident 2...Thanks for the share...Larry

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