Acknowledge And Move On

A rose depend on its thorn to protect itself
Many wise men depend on laws to be protected from wrong doing
And malicious people depend on nothing
And what about you? What do you do to protect yourself from being part of a problem?

Cold water pour on fire or gas pour on fire?
Trigger the anger and ignite? Or control your temper
And your speech

We all must think before saying something
Because sometime your feeling may trigger you to lose control
And some words you may regret your whole life because of your anger

Speech must be in good balance and appropriate of all cause
Whether the pressure is too much but you must control
And squeeze in the temper to the deepest as much as possible

I know some are very difficult
Easy for me to say but hard to do
But one thing I like to share to you is
Acknowledge and move on

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thelyricwriter profile image

thelyricwriter 5 years ago from West Virginia

I love the message that this presents. Always think before you speak. At times we just talk without thinking and next thing you know, we have said something that we shouldn't. This makes you think about thinking before you speak. Well said.

chanroth profile image

chanroth 5 years ago from California, USA Author

Hi theylyric, you are absolutely right and I appreciate your comment. This happen to everyone including I. I have to practice this myself and sometime we forget. Self aware is very important especially with speaking. Thank you! :)

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