Acrostic-poems for the Patron of the Arts Contest but now just for fun.


I originally created these Acrostic poems for a HUBPAGES Contest

And though I know the contest is long over, I still wanted to share the humor of the poems with everyone. So I added more, made some changes and played around. So read on, chuckle if you like or just enjoy.


Hopes and dreams of fortune and fame

Umpires (Judges) reading, must be a drain

Building of lines, straining our brain

Pumping our muses, going insane

Aggravating errors, rhymes that are lame

Getting the thought, losing the game

Encouraging our followers on another plane

Seeking ideas, winning the game

Whew, that was a toughie. I was really trying to build encouragement and still stay humorous. Maybe I should try again....


Let's try kitty cats--one of my favorite subjects

Keeping you warm and toasty at night

Into everything even if you don't want them there

Tipping your drinks onto your computer

Tipping their heads and looking at you with those sad eyes when they want pets

Yowling at each other when they are play fighting

Curling up next to you and purring and purring and purring

Adding a sense of companionship to the home

Taking over and ruling the rooste

Hmmm, wonder if this one is about winning, LOL. It certainly isn't an Acrostic poem, though.

Let's try this one on for size..

Winning, I would really like to win the prize

Winning, then maybe I could get better traffic

Winning, or I could get noticed a bit for my talent

Winning, I could give everyone a rousing ovation

Winning, or settle back and enjoy the fame

Winning, I might get famous, well, maybe not right away

Winning, maybe I could gain a following that would rival the best

Winning, maybe I could, oh just stop your rambling

Winning, I might just as well get to the back of the pack

Winning, those who write with me are far better than I

Winning, and their work is superior, informative, and full

Winning, while mine is just starting out and is still

Winning, a bit empty of excitement and wit

Winning, I guess in the back of the pack I will sit

Winning, at least for now, but I'm working on it

Do you like poems, whether it is reading or writing them?

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Okay, simply let me have the fish!


Let's ease back a bit and try something simple


Soaring high in the wind

In circles, swirls and spins

Moving the clouds like a huge hand

Piling them up like a pile of sand

Lifting now to high to see

Easily gliding back to me



I just wanted to play a bit with some poems and maybe give everyone a bit of a smile. I like to write poems, but most of mine usually have a sad storyline. I didn't want to make this one sad so I will end here before I really start the engine running so to speak. Feel free to add your own poems to the comments section if you would like.

© 2011 Cheryl Simonds

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carolinemd21 profile image

carolinemd21 5 years ago from Close to Heaven

LOL Great poem Cheryl! Too bad you didn't get to submit it!

cherylone profile image

cherylone 5 years ago from Connecticut Author

thank you so much carolinemd21, at least I can make people laugh about it. :)

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