Activities And Sights That Provides Writing Tips On How To Improve A Writer’s Skill


Ever thought of creating a novel, story, article, or a poem through the things that you do while you are traveling; or how about the things that you see along the road? Simple activities that you do and some things that you see can still improve your skills in writing and you will definitely learn a lot of things while you travel. In this article or hub, I will be providing some activities that normal people do while they are traveling and how these activities will help you in your writing. Most people or writers are not aware that they can improve their writing through such activities which is the reason why I’ am providing you a reason to read more on this article or hub.

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Playing video games through your handheld console is regularly done by people who love to travel to kill boredom on a long flight or travel. Mostly the games that we play especially role playing games has its story line. By keeping this in mind, you can use the story or the sequence of the game to be the plot of your story. The only thing you need to do is to change the characters and add your personal touch with your writing style to make it more original. A good example of this is the game Ace Attorney in a famous hand held device which is the Nintendo DS. The game is about how an attorney handles their trials by gathering evidence and using the evidence to win cases and trials. This is a very good game as you know I got addicted to it. The game is full of twist and surprises which is a good quality of a novel. How the crimes committed and how the cases are solve are quite good. You can use this sequence of the game to be a part of your novel or story.


While traveling, we regularly see billboards along the road or highway. These billboards are usually advertisements of some companies that offer their product to the public. This is where you come in, come up with product reviews about the billboard you saw. This is a good topic for your article and by providing the features, advantage and benefits of the product you can entice your readers. You can also provide the pros and cons of the product that they are advertising. You can also compare the product on the billboard to a similar product with a different brand. This gives you the advantage to know what articles you can publish in either newspapers or magazines. A good example of this is a car advertisement of Chevrolet that you saw on billboards. You can come up with an article that you can publish in car magazines providing the features of the vehicle.

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Interesting or unusual

While traveling, we usually gaze over the window of a bus looking at the view outside the moving vehicle. Anything interesting or unusual you see can be a good topic for your novel, story or article. A good example of this is watching a wild animal hunts down another in the Safari. You can describe how a certain animal behaves through your writing. This is very educational to readers who don’t have the leisure of time watching Animal Planet or Discovery channel on their TV. You can also describe how people behave in a certain community by looking how their culture is. These details can either be used in your story or novel. These details can also be used as documentary for your articles. There are so many things you can learn just by observing people and places where you travel.

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Sayings or quotations

Along the road or highway, there are some sayings or quotations posted beside road signs. Be ready with your pen and paper during these times because once you have gathered these sayings or quotations, you can add all of them to come up of your own poem. You can also use these sayings or quotations as the dialogue of your characters for your story or novel. You can either use these as a famous punch line for your character to include more detail about the characteristics of your character. Be very observant and be fast in jotting down notes. If you have a camera with you, it would be best if you can take a picture of the saying or quotation you saw along the road. Browse over it if you have time and transfer it through your writing.


Being active and creative while you travel is required to achieve the ideas that I recommended above. These are just some recommendations that I can offer to educate you on how you can improve your skills in writing without sacrificing your enjoyment while you travel. I encourage you to come up with your own ideas and create an article of your own and help out in the community of writers especially the new ones who are interested in writing.

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