Addiction: Poem Day 2 of 10 Day Poetry Challenge


Addicted to your kisses, hugs.

I ran away to wean myself off love.

Went to rehab and I'm still taking drugs.

I tried to go cold turkey, and cut off my phone.

Erase my memory and forget your dulcet tones.

I tried my best not to reminisce.

To forget about those nights like "this"

When I was entranced by your kiss

Drunk from your sweet nectar

Drowning in bliss.



12 steps. Detox, no more love rocks.

I sit here, staring at my phone.

Switch it on....tap the screen.

Take another taste....I'm a fiend.

Breathless, can't breathe

Speechless, it's you and me


Tap the screen...

I miss you...

I yearn for you...

I need you...

Feeling numb without my love

Twisted, faded, overcome with...





This love....

It's a hell of a drug.

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