Adolescent Thoughts

I am young.

My humane essence is frequently absent so my moral conscience is unequally relevant.

My strength in will is a gift heaven sent, but rarely do I manifest as an instrument of benevolence.

I am angry.

Color is randomly a strike against me, but actions can always be a strike against me.

Once caught on the back end through a fence, me.
Staring back at a man that could send my soul damned, I reached from my waist as a casing made his jam.

A few years of decisions create mental canyons for care to be lost.

Propelling my feet away from a scene but I can never run from the flash of memory.


Brilliant in effort and self sufficiency .

Lacking nothing but added brilliancy.

Always in renaissance, never illiteracy.

Capturing life through time and memories.

Kinetically driven creating a legacy.

I am a young man.

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bellawritter23 profile image

bellawritter23 6 years ago from California

This is amazing!! You need to know that you are amazing! You have a gift to write! The way you have expressed yourself not many can do! You have traveled this far. Everyone has trials and tribulations but its how you handle them, there is a right and wrong way. Embrace your negatives and live your positives. I am glad to follow the gentleman.

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the gentleman profile image

the gentleman 5 months ago from Saint Louis Missouri Author

thanks bella it's been a while but words ring true when righteous

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