...Adulterous Hush...Poetry by Carole Anzolletti

A place of silence

a place of lies

to keep the preserved

ego alive

to keep the distance

to break the trust

to the Lady I then turn

when the words

are rust

If those should linger here

among this fringe

they will discover

the darker things

of which I am composed

of which I am divine

of which they cannot understand

in this soul of mine


There are often times when I should be writing poetry and turn to other things that are exhausting. Today I am learning that this is not necessary any longer, and to preserve my health and sanity, I chose the creative route again. It never fails me. I practice gratitude because it works. I practice magick because it works. I practice writing because it works, expressively as a filter to help me to reach my goals. You can read and see more about me through the link below, as I begin to pick up momentum and build my world around that which was not ever before created. My artwork and writing is self preserving. I no longer accept commissions because I believe if a piece of work is meant to find someone, it will. And I am thankful.

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