After Purgatory

Chilling As Ice ( Poem Two of Two )

Insanity running round like mice,

it was such a disgrace,

her death was as chilling as ice,

what was the matter with the Human Race,

he closed his eyes,

and envisioned her face,

the horrible cries,

carried throughout the night skies,

he missed her so much,

her rosy red cheeks,

the softness of her touch,

how she felt,

and the way his heart would melt,

every time she smiled,

her gentle laughter, her calming voice,

they took her life,

giving her no choice.

After Purgatory ( Poem One of Two )

The spirits would cause the most harm,

as the devil would begin by turning on the charm,

even after death,

he felt a sudden surge of adrenaline

course through his soul,

it was purgatory’s goal,

his ghost would fear,

as it started casting a curious stare,

and the devil returned the stare with a smile,

an unforced grin,

his lips even and thin,

smiling back was simply a cardinal sin,

and the exit from purgatory would begin,

following the devil out,

and his soul walking back in,

he was confused,

but the devil remained amused.

© 2011 Frank Atanacio

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