Afternoon Sun: A Poem


The lazy rays of the sun gravitate to me,

Peeking through the trees,

Shining through my window,

I look towards the light,

As the golden glow dances across my face,

Illuminating my reverie,

And warning of the day's closing.


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vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 2 years ago from Nashville Tn.

Hi Erin - This is just magnificent. "As the golden glow dances across my face." Thank you and sharing. ~ Audrey

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 2 years ago

Sometimes I wonder if I'm weird about such things , I love the visuals that nature provides me , my moods tend to dance among the shadows and auras of light . Well done Girl !.....Ed

btrbell profile image

btrbell 2 years ago from Mesa, AZ

Pretty! I could acrually feel the sun as I read your words! Up+ Thank you!

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