We age or not, on that I am sure

Though it’s not much to go on.

Just the thought seems obscure,

Whether we stay or be gone.


Not that it is ours to choose,

Our destiny, direction or fate.

Every experience dawns and debuts,

Contributing to our last and final date.


And through the years we have our pain,

Often bringing a flood of tears.

Oh, how our energies seem to drain,

While thoughts turn to imaginary fears.


Friends and family are now dead or gone,

Having entered a brand new stage.

Re-learning the scriptures from dusk to dawn,

Some are too tired to change the page.


Seeking sleep they toss and turn,

Dreaming of days gone by.

The will to live makes men stubborn,

Though they realize death is nigh.


Pain and suffering has a reason,

We sometimes cannot understand.

And though life we try to lengthen,

May not be what God has planned.





The RV Guy profile image

The RV Guy 4 years ago from Somewhere In America Author

Glad you enjoyed...that is the ultimate compliment...thanks.

teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 4 years ago

My parents have passed on awhile back but I can remember them reflecting thoughts such as this. My in-laws now keep track of all their friends who are passing on. It is something to keep in mind as we grow older (which I am now)that all things happen as they were meant to be. Enjoyed your hub post and the poetic comfort.

The RV Guy profile image

The RV Guy 5 years ago from Somewhere In America Author

As always, you are much too kind.

profile image

Sunnie Day 5 years ago


This was very touching..Your heart really shined..

Thank you,


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