Air - Chapter 5

"So where exactly are we going?" I ask Benjamin, rubbing my frozen digits on my arms. It's an English chill I'm just not used to, considering I moved to Europe not that long ago. (Go back and read chapter 1! I'm not explaining!) I get a lovely, loud and exasperated sigh as a response from my f....f..... no. I'm not calling him that. Not yet, at least.

"A coffee shop downtown. We've gone over this at least..." He checks his watch, "Five times in the past three minutes. Is something wrong?" I give a little startled jump at that.

"Er-... no!" I say so fast that my two words nearly slur together. I look around as I try to put some heat back in to my arms, whereas Benjamin seems just fine. I live in a beautiful part of Winchester, by where the suburbs meet downtown within walking distance. Their version of "downtown" is nothing like the American version, with its' tall skyscrapers and lowly underground slums. It's a rural downtown here, with local shops and not a single McDonalds in sight. I give a sigh of pleasure, scanning my awesome surroundings.

"Have you not been downtown before?" He catches my off-guard, and I throw him a sideways glance.

"Nope. Never." I reply, looking up at the sky. It's that awkward week between late winter and early spring when the weather just doesn't know what it wants to do with itself everyday, so it binges between freezing and sweatshirt temperature.

"Really? You're going to have a lot of fun today." He smiles, and I feel some sort of tingling feeling, so I just smile back and brush it off.

"I did only move here about three weeks ago."

"Touché." He grins and looks up at the sky. "It's a rather nice day to suit or fancy, don't you think?" I look at him as if he's crazy.

"Are you kidding me?!" I gesture upwards in shock. "It's completely grey up there!" He bursts out laughing.

"Alexandra, love, this is England. It's as grey as a donkey's tail here." We start laughing together and get a joke war going. The fun of it all lasts until I see the most popular girl in the school in front of us as the stoplight of the street we needed to cross. Involuntarily stiffening, I give a mental groan as the other four of her "friends" appear beside her. They haven't seemed to have noticed us just yet, but this is only the beginning.

"You okay?" Benjamin returns my sideways glance, and I look at the ground.

"I'm just fine." I mumble in to the ground. He follows my former gaze to the crosswalk, where one of them has turned around and waved to Ben. When he closed his eyes in a happy smile, two of them glared at me with a vengeance.

"Hello Abigale!" He seems a tad too cheery as he talks to one of the other four. I fall back a few steps and slow my pace, acting like I wasn't walking with him. I know it's not the kindest thing, but my mind's in self-preservation mode right now.

"Hi Ben!" She looks around him, a look of kindness on her face. You can put a mask on a demon, but it doesn't change who that person really is. "Who's this?"

"My friend Alexandra. Don't you know her, love? She's new." He flashes a warm smile, and a ping of jealously sounds off inside my mind. He pulls me forward and introduces me, but I already know all of them. Supermodels, the lot.

"So what part of America are you from?" I'm miraculously saved by the bell that sounds for us all to cross the walkway.

"See you later loves!" Benjamin winks at them as we cross the street in the opposite direction, going straight instead of turning like they did. I felt a twinge of something in my mind, a slight feeling like he should've done that to me instead.

Is this... jealousy?

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vkwok profile image

vkwok 3 years ago from Hawaii

Very interesting. This is a very good hub with great writing.

blackwolf_1337 profile image

blackwolf_1337 3 years ago Author

Thank you! That really means a lot to me :) I work pretty hard on improving my writing constantly.

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