Air - Chapter 6

About twenty grueling minutes later, we're perched on beautifully detailed chairs in an English cafe, sipping coffee with extra sugar and a shot of hazelnut and tea with cream. I close my eyes as I take a heavenly, long and delicious sip from the coffee. I hear Benjamin laughing, looking at me then at the table quickly.

"You're so American." He takes me by surprise. I lick the whipped cream off of my upper lip and give him my world-famous "So annoyed with you." look, complete with the half-glance.

"You're such a Brit. What makes me "so American" that you just had to say it out loud?" I ask with a twinge of curiosity tainting my voice.

"Coffee with extra sugar, hazelnut syrup, and a ton of whipped cream."

"What about that makes me American? You drink coffee too, don't you?"

"Not all the time, I prefer tea myself."

"Just because I drink my coffee a certain way doesn't mean I'm American. It's like saying because you prefer tea, you're a British boy who smokes and drinks as much as he speaks." I reply in a British accent, making absolutely no sense whatsoever. He bursts out laughing, a harmonious sou- I mean, WHAT? There is no way I'm thinking of Ben this way.

"Fine then. It's just so, so... you." He sends me a killer smile from across the table. I feel my face heat up really quickly, and look at my pants to hide the unfortunate occurrence from him. Why in the world am I blushing?!

In the back of my mind, finally, I hear a bell from the front door chime and break the silence that ensued. Benjamin doesn't turn to see who it is. I already know.


He just always has to ruin my day. Always. My neck tenses involuntarily. Out of the corner of my eye, I see him tap his friend's arm and gesture to me. They whisper something and laugh, and my face turns pink again.

"Would you like to leave, love?" Benjamin asks me under his breath. Part of me wants to stand up and tell them to knock it off, but that only ever works in the movies.

"Sure. We can take our drinks to go." He stands before I do, not giving so much as a passing glance to his brother as he payed the tab. Len whisper-yelled to his buddies with the intention of me hearing him.

"Look who it is! Poor Benny, he must've been forced in to a pity date with that ugly weasel!" His groupies burst out laughing, and I shoved my way out the door. Ben, most likely not hearing a thing, followed me out. I was already meters down the sidewalk when he called my name, jogging fiercely to catch up with me and my purposeful fast walk.

"Alexandra!" He appears next to me, a little winded from running in the cold. "Slow down love, please!" My body slows of its own volition. I hadn't noticed the tears streaming down my face until now. I turned my head so he wouldn't see the errant salt-water staining my skin. We were on a side road that wasn't heavily traversed, an area behind group of local shoppes and stores. He gently took hold of my chin and turned my head towards him, but I wouldn't look him in the eyes. "What did he do to you?" Ben thumbed a tear off my cheek. I turned away, my face turning red again, despite the pain I was feeling. Even though it hurt really badly, I stored it in my mind for another time. Time with your... acquaintances isn't supposed to be let-me-dump-my-emotions-on-you-time. As daddy always says, there's a time for every emotion, every action, a reason for every circumstance. You just have to find the right time, the right reason.

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing." I sniff and give my best smile. "I'm fine, see? Let's go." Unconcvinced, he nods, and we continue our escapade of downtown Winchester.

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vkwok 3 years ago from Hawaii

The characters in this hub are really witty.

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blackwolf_1337 3 years ago Author

Thank you. :)

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bluejay900 3 years ago


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blackwolf_1337 3 years ago Author

I... I do not have an honest answer for that...

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bluejay900 3 years ago


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