Albert and the Scattered Colonies

Albert and the Scattered Colonies

You knew they were waiting

And so you gave all your teeth

You set about treating

In their scattered colonies

In declassifying

The civilisations, glibly

Tried and retrying

By the pious and the rich

In pacing your message

In scattered small


You drew a billion eyes

You drew a billion eyes

This conscious reverence for life

It drew us closer to mankind

It drew us closer to your mind

And so they beheld you

A brother in deeds of love

Your Helene beside you

Your hands turned to living art

The problem with your peace

Is thirty years and it would cease

Oh Albert where are you?

What do we do now?

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[Poem and Original Song dedicated to the memory of Albert Schweitzer, 1875-1965]

Albert Schweitzer 1875-1965
Albert Schweitzer 1875-1965

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