Alien Crooner

Alien Crooner
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Ah, the piercingly aching shrieks, the hair-raising clicks, the gratingly numbing nocturnal noise of that famed alien crooner ?$#—@X=%^^^# §¶•ªº–≠—‘·°‡flfi›‹€ (or, in roughly Earthian translation: Mancisk Phellburdt Ginapra — or something like that, anyway).

Mancisk prefers performing his solo a cappella creations out here on the undulating crystalline shard-lake of Nemea, under the twice-yearly convergence of the five Aldebaran suns: Rastaferius, Eeny, Meeny, Miny and Jo. It is under their combined fuchsian glow that he becomes energized, and the penetrating power of his vibrating vocalizations reach terawatt proportions. [It is not simply a coincidence that the Alderbaran Cosmic Navy uses the occasion of Mancisk’s performance to recharge the ribdoodlium batteries of any cruisers still in port.]

The highlight of the evening for most in the audience occurs during the final chorus of his signature ‘Stu Blork! Stu Blork!’, as all the hair-tufts of his lower appendages begin to glow neon orange, undulating in waves.

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