Alien to this world...


My senses tell me that I’m alien to a world I’m still trying to understand. The time I was brought here remains unidentified and though I bring many mysteries to this world, many remain unaware of those many enigmas. Once I was told that I was like everyone else, but I was born weak and remained so. My body was not capable of resisting much pressure but my mind was all I needed to move on in this world.

Though an alien, I had a normal life and lived like any other child would. I cherished things, I had dreams and the little things that didn’t matter made all the difference to me; I found beauty in their details and always wondered.

As I grew older I began to get a closer understanding about everything, and the things that I once thought unbearable seemed to make much more sense. I began to learn through education, social interaction and media what was happening around me… Yet, I no longer took notice of the little things…I was bewitched by the beautiful which had no substance & I was blinded by the big things which were small in everything but their size. All the time, I was not aware of its futility and much like everyone around me, I didn’t really care. As my alien body began to take shape, I reached a level of maturity and began to know the prominence of taking responsibility.

And so I tried based on that knowledge, to create an environment for myself which was similar to the world I was growing up in. I found myself thinking like everyone else and as the months and days passed by those childish dreams began to slowly fade away. The things I thought were important to me no longer held a place in my heart or in my thoughts. I was angry and frustrated, I was emotional and brusque in all my judgments...At times I stopped and asked the world: “Is this not what you wanted me to be??? Have I not been faithful in my actions and dedications?”

I never got any answer to my questions but as the days passed by, and things and circumstance changed around me and changed the person I used to be…I stopped and asked myself why can’t I be the person I used to be?

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Mr.Gmail 5 years ago

Very interesting article...I'd love to see more of that>>>

You have a promising future in writing

Someone intrested 5 years ago

Loved it..beautifully written

Dr.R.J 5 years ago

Wish the author all the best.One of the most great works i have read. Deep and interesting!

mtshomeed 5 years ago

I like it sister a lot :D

keep writing and I wish for you all the best

Arooj 5 years ago

this is an amazing article.In this each phrase is soo true !! very beautifully written..

Dude....!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago

wow....this is just amazing........keep frnd.....awesome..!!!!!

Safaa Gul Taher profile image

Safaa Gul Taher 5 years ago from Bahrain

very interesting.. I like it a lot sista

Nidaa 5 years ago

amazing .... really wooow .... keep going .. waitin 4 ur new ... wish u all the best rashad

Ameena 5 years ago

nice one!

Unknown 5 years ago


Susan Jones 5 years ago


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