A New Way of Life, Poem.

A New Way of Life
A New Way of Life

Breathe in, breathe out

heart expands,

mind unfolds,

thoughts once troubling,

an opportunity

to grow in strength...

soar above!

Wild flora, a found gift

in the woods,

petals gently rest,

in the suns gaze.

Astonishing days,

of natural beauty

I gaze above,

heart finds rest


under the canopy…

no rush to climb,

just be—live free.

My heart receives,

all the wonders,

of vast possibilities,

life can bring!

Oh dreams,

to you

I devote my sincerity

I take pleasure,

I give my all.

A new way of life

has begun,

rid of shun.

I smile swiftly,

my merging lines,

invited maturity,

spurts from within

lavish my character,

till sensitivity and


become my strength.

Rise new order,

don’t hesitate

I’m ready to move,

when you move

I speak my spirit,

let creativity charge.

Art in heart,

and heart in art,

my preference,

an ideal world it appears:

the living greet each other

with a ready smile,

respect and peace

throughout the lands,

earth and stars hold hands.

©Copyright Pearlmacb 2011. All Rights Reserved

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Valleypoet 4 years ago

This is a beautiful write...crisp, with a great flow. Thanks for sharing:-))

pearlmacb profile image

pearlmacb 4 years ago from Switzerland Author

Hi again Valleypoet, thanks for stopping by, appreciate your words :)

epigramman profile image

epigramman 4 years ago

....this is just beautiful perfect writing .......you make your words flow so naturally and you deserve more followers so I will post this lovely work to the Hubpages Facebook group and let everyone see/read what they've been missing ......lake erie time ontario canada 8:09am and sending you warm wishes and good wishes

p.s. - I love your hub avatar painting -sublime!

How is the weather where you live?

pearlmacb profile image

pearlmacb 4 years ago from Switzerland Author

Thankyou for your interest in my poetry, and that`s very kind of you for sharing my work. Respect to you fellow writer. Moreover, thanks for adding warmth & value to this hubpages community.

...cold and cloudy, but warm on the inside :)

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