All By MY Heart.


All by My Heart.


There is a tiny cottage,
filled with the warm glow
of inspiration burning,
and candles casting shadows
on parchment begging strokes
of that precious ink from think.

A large and cozy armchair,
a freshly brewed cup of java,
a faithful dog whose napping,
a perfect night, star filled
and balmy just beyond the open door.

A lover reading over my shoulder
in between her sips of tea,
passion still wet in her eyes,
from that room just down the hall.

A belly full of fine cuisine,
a pencil sharper that I am at times,
and a tiny muse nestled in my ear,
whispering sweet somethings
that will appear as perfect poems.

All those special things that
I have so grown to love,
that wait for me each eve
when day is at long last done,
with eager, hungry anticipation
all by my heart.

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